Monday, April 4, 2011

Mondays are Dark

Well, not this Monday.  Tonight is the 35th Annual Carbonell Awards Ceremony at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  Or as those of us in the local theatre community like to call it, "theatre prom."  More than a night of recognition for local theatres, the Carbonell Organization also awards scholarships, and gives the local theatre scene an excuse to gather in one place without handing over photos and resumes.  Not that that doesn't happen, of course.

And the after-party sponsored by doesn't suck, neither.

One Down...
Not all the awards are kept under wraps until tonight; The Drama Queen reports that the George Abbott Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts was awarded to Patrice Baily, dean of theatre at New World School of the Arts.  And the Broward Center will receive the Ruth Foreman Award in recognition of its contributions.

...Speaking of NWSA and BCPA
South Florida Theater Review outlines a couple of Master Class workshops being offered at New World School of the Arts and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  Coincidence?

From Carbonell to Tony?
The Miracle Theatre Examiner notes that Janet Dacal, currently starring in Wonderland on Broadway, was nominated for a Carbonell several years ago, and is eligible for a Tony nomination.

Speaking of Popularity Contests
The Palm Beach Post displays its abyssal ignorance with a "best theatre" poll that mixes presenting theatres, producing theaters, professional theatres and amateur playgroups into one pointless mish-mash.  Is it logical to compare a company that hires touring productions to a company that creates the production from the ground up just for South Florida?  Is it fair to compare an amateur group with people who occasionally perform for the love of it with professional craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to performance?

New Take on "Snowbird?"
The Miami Herald outlines Chicago's House Theatre production of The Sparrow, presented in partnership with the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Perfoming Arts

... in Palm Beach, the Royal Poinciana Playhouse is still closed.  But the Theatre Guild is keeping busy.  The Shiny Sheet covers The Palm Beach Centennial Follies, produced by The Palm Beach Theatre Guild.


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  2. I have loved the House since I was a student at DePaul University and saw The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan at the Viaduct. They have a wonderful sense of joy that they bring to theatre and I hope everyone goes out and sees their work.

    (Even if I do feel a little like a hipster saying, "I loved them back when...")