Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get you to review my show?
You don't.  We don't review shows here at the Scene, we collate all the reviews being published on the internet.
Can I advertise on the Theatre Scene?
Currently, all our advertising is handled by Google AdSense.
How do I get listed on the Theatre Scene?
The easiest way is to join the South Florida Theatre League; we consult their listings every week.  Also, you must have a website; we don't publish any contact information beyond linking to your website.  If you don't feel confident investing in a Theatre League membership, you can use the email address below to contact us.
What happened to your auditions page?
We just couldn't keep up with the constant updates; we link to the best places to find audition information.  And again, if you join the Theatre League, they'll email it to you every week. Heckuva deal.

I want you to include my review/news story on The Scene.

Send us a link to the story. We'll see if we can work it in.  You can send us press releases, too, but we won't promise anything.

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