Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some features worth noting

The THEATRE SCENE is still evolving, and I wanted to point out some of the side bar features I've added to make this blog useful to you, the South Florida Theatre lover.

At the very top of the sidebar I've added a link to It's a listing of all the shows playing in South Florida, put together by the fine folks of the South Florida Theatre League. It's worth bookmarking, but it's also here, for your convenience.

The links to area theaters have been there for awhile, but you may not have noticed that I've added feeds from the three major dailies in South Florida. That means that when a review comes out in the Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, or Palm Beach Post, you'll find a link to it right here.

Speaking of theatre reviews, Christine Dolen has entered the blogosphere, and I think that's great news. Her blog is aptly titled Drama Queen, and you can find it at the Herald, but as a convenience I've added a feed from that blog to the sidebar.

Further down the page you have the Archive and the index of Labels. The Archives lets you look for posts by date. But Labels is a neat feature of Blogger; you can assign as many different labels to a post as seems appropriate. Clicking on a label displays all posts made to the scene that have that label.

I'm still looking for more contributors; since I work at a theater, it's very difficult to ensure that this blog doesn't become Actors' Playhouse or Coral Gables-centric. So if you have something to share about theater, let me know. Drop me a line at chrisjahnATfastmailDOTus. I'll send you an invitation to join the blog; follow the directions and start posting!

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