Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Scene for April 25, 2008 (updated 4/24)

The Sun-Sentinel says that TWELVE ANGRY MEN is a "must see" at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. There's also a positive review for M Ensemble's FROM THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA.

The Miami Herald also liked FROM THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA, calling it "masterfully played." The Herald also liked TWELVE ANGRY MEN. Christine Dolen gives a run down of the 13th Annual National Children's Theatre Festival, produced by Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater. The centerpiece of the festival is the new musical for children, PAINT!, about the painter Marc Chagall. But there will also be a production of the junior version of INTO THE WOODS by they Musical Miracles, as well a piano performance by child prodigy Ethan Bortnick.

From the Miami New Times, we get yet another gonzo review from wannabe theater critic Brandon K. Thorp. You don't really learn anything useful about the show, but you get another wild ride from Brandon:
" might find yourself distracted by a strange, low sound, like the tortured bending of old wood. It seems to emanate from all corners of the New Theatre's small auditorium. In fact that sound originates in your own throat. It is a noise of mingled horror and shame that is the only possible response to this tale..."
It's apparent from this that Brandon didn't like THE MISSION at New Theater. But that might simply mean that his boyfriend wasn't there to tell him that it was actually a good show. Or he was having a bad day. Or he was hung over.

After reading many of his reviews of shows I've seen, the truth seems to be that Brandon really gets off on writing scathing reviews, and that makes it hard to trust his negative reviews. The show MIGHT be as bad as he says, but it's probably not. The Herald and Sun-Sentinel haven't reviewed the show yet, but between them you're more likely to get an accurate account of the show.


  1. Chris:

    Thank you for reading. Please be advised: if you're ever thirsting for yet more wannabe theater criticism, I write for the Broward/Palm Beach New Times as well ( I see that you usually link to my Miami stories, but never to the ones up north.

    Alright! Thanks!
    - BKT

  2. Hey Brandon-
    I will make a point of finding the Broward/Palm Beach stories in the future.
    You are a talented writer; I always enjoy reading you, even when I have to wonder what show you were really watching. You are far from the worst theater reviewer in South Florida (that would be Mary Damiano).

    With a more reliable metric, you could become one of the greats. Lay off the whip hand, and tell us what you saw. No one should emulate Frank Rich.