Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spotlight: Larry Fields, for no particular reason

I don't know Larry Fields. As far as I know, I haven't seen him onstage. But I've read his bio, and now you can, too.

It's certainly the most...colorful...bio I've read in a while.

LARRY FIELDS (Geoffrey Duncan) is happy to be making his first appearance with Rising Action Theatre. Larry is a full-time theatre arts professional who has performed at Actors' Playhouse, Fantasy Theatre Factory, 4th Dimension of South Beach, and most recently to critical acclaim at Edge Theatre, where the venerable theatre critic Mary Damiano studiously noted his "obvious lack of comedic timing or ability to effectively deliver a line." Larry wishes to thank Mrs. Damiano for her continued enthusiastic support. In addition to being one of South Florida's most talented and unappreciated actors, Larry enjoys meeting with random tricks from the internet (if you are a random trick from the internet, please see Larry after the show), and being mean to his good Christian family in Ohio. Mr. Fields has no significant other to thank for their support, although he does have one cat (whom he abuses). Fun Fact: Larry, like Geoffrey in the play, is a bisexual. Larry realizes that all the homosexual people in the audience think this is bullshit.

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