Monday, December 12, 2011

Mondays are Dark...

...except for Outré Theatre Company's reading of Buried Child at the Byron Carlyle Theater in Miami Beach.   And Tuesday Conundrum Stages offers its second annual Holiday House.

Casting News - Sorry, Ken.
The Drama Queen reports that Coral Gables' two remaining theater companies have cast their next productions, and Ken Clement isn't cast in either of production.  GableStage has cast Motherfucker with the Hat, and Actors' Playhouse has cast Next to Normal.  But Ken is making up the entire cast of the Playhouse's current production, Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, so he shouldn't complain too much.
And yes, the Drama Queen would have us believe that "motherfucker" is spelled with two asterisks.;  I suppose using the correct spelling would make it her asterisk with whatever's left of The Herald's readership.

Knight's Errands
Last month, the Knight Foundation awarded three Miami theatre companies its Knights Arts Challenge Grant.
Florida Theater On Stage tells us about a new winter Shakespeare festival that GableStage is producing with the grant it received from the Knight Foundation last month.  And remember Tarrell Alvin McCraney, the renowned playwright who couldn't get his plays produced in his hometown for years until GableStage brought him in to direct his own The Brothers Size?  Well, it seems he's a playwright in residence with the Royal Shakespeare Company, so of course Joe Adler brought him on board.

City Theatre's plans also included playwrights; its project is called CityWrights;
“CityWrights will go to the heart of a playwright’s craft, offering master classes, workshops and mentorships in artistic and professional development. The process will be open to all through public readings with local actors and directors, giving audiences a role in the process from page to stage and promoting the theater as a center for fresh, new works.”
M Ensemble received the third grant, and plans to use it to underwrite workshops to provide mentoring for African-American playwrights.  And please, will someone help them with their website?  It hasn't been updated in years.

A Critic Reviews A Critic
The Naples Stage Door read Bill Hirschman's review of Shrek The Musical, and the differences astounded him, which leads to a reflection on differences of opinion. Oh, and he links to what he describes as "the other coast's best theater blogs."  So we know he's a man of taste and refinement. ;-)

What's It All About
Howard Sherman decodes theatrical marketing speak on 2AMtheatre.

The Next Generation
Miami Children's Theatre is holding a short play competition, and Groundlings gives it a shot.

Exiting the Stage
Martha Gifford Parker Melahn helped her husband turn a run-down movie theater into a live playhouse; The Coconut Grove Playhouse, to be precise.  The former wife of the late Alfred Browning Parker (she divorced him) died last month.  The Miami Herald published her obituary last week.

Meanwhile... Palm Beach, the Royal Poinciana Playhouse is still closed.  Patrick Flynn, in a move that surprised no one, has nominated the the Playhouse and the plaza it sits on as on of Florida's Most Endangered Historic Sites, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

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