Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Scene for February 22

The New Times Stage Capsules are out. Interestingly, they almost review a children's show; The Wizard of Oz at Actors' Playhouse. There's just not quite enough there to qualify as an ACTUAL review. But it's nice to see children's theater getting some press.

The Miami Herald reviews Mad Cat Theatre's production of Some Girl(s).

The Sun Sentinel's Jack Zink is back in the saddle and riding hard. In addition to this week's Stage Bill, he has several reviews up. He enjoyed The Odd Couple at New Vista, and gives Broward Stage Door's take on Baby a passing grade, while Mary Damian writes something that's almost a review of Mad Cat Theatre's production of Some Girl(s). Almost, because as usual she wastes most of the article summarizing the play. It reads like mediocre ad copy. C'mon, Mary, give us at least one sentence that summarizes what you thought of the entire play. Great to see you mention everyone, but you still have to tell us about the evening as a whole.

As always, more listings of what's on area stages can be found at

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