Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Scene for the Weekend of February 8th. UPDATED

I know what you're thinking: "HEY! Where's the cool list with the pictures and the little blurbs about the shows?"

I'm discontinuing the lists because
A. already has a list and
B. I just don't have time with my new job.

But I still intend to help theater lovers decide what to see: I'm going to link to the recommendations of the various theater critics around town, and whatever new and exciting project catches my attention.

Brandon K. Thorp of the Miami New Times

Christine Dolen of the Miami Herald

The Palm Beach Post Weekly Listings sorted by "theater."

The Sun Sentinel (to be updated on Friday when they post it.) Well, it seems that the weekly Sun-Sentinel is only dealing with the Carbonell Awards in this week's Stagebill. The Carbonells, as noted earlier this week, will occur in APRIL. Not to denigrate Bill Hirschman's lovely tribute to Jack Zink, but shouldn't that have been its own article? The Stagebill is supposed to help Sen-Sentinel readers know what's happening each week in area theaters.

As always, has complete listings, with descriptions of shows and links the the theaters.

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