Friday, March 7, 2008

The Scene for March 7

Lots to see this weekend on South Florida Stages:

The Miami New Times recommends the Spamalot tour, now at the Arsht Center, the widely praised Some Girls at Mad Cat, and TWO shows at Actors' Playhouse: Footloose, opening tonight, and for the third week in a row, The Wizard of Oz. (I take particular delight in this, because I designed the scenery and the OZ effect).

The Miami Herald's Christine Dolen recommends Two Sisters and a Piano and Footloose. She also blogs about Jar the Floor.

The Sun-Sentinel has an even dozen in this week's Capsule Reviews. Oh, wait, that's LAST week's edition. Let's try this again; scroll down to Entertainment, click on it, scroll down to...oh, I see it, "stage" is now lumped with "art" and "books", click on it, scroll down, there's "Stage,"... three reviews from last week. And you can't open the STAGE page.

It seems that the Sun-Sentinel is so busy completely screwing up re-working its website, they seem to have forgotten THE CONTENT. The stunning disaster that is the Sun-Sentinel website has once again shuffled the stage listings so it takes no small effort to discover they haven't posted anything current.

Well, at least they still have an RSS feed for theatre stories; the Palm Beach Post lacks even that. Heck, their 'theatre reviewer" spends more time on television than what is supposed to be his mandate. Remember: theater is life, film is art, television is furniture.

Go out there and grab hold of some life!

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