Friday, August 8, 2008

RED TIDE at the Minnesota Fringe: UDPATED

The show is tomorrow and Saturday. If by some odd quirk you find yourself in Minneapolis and want to see Red Tide, you can find times, location and tickets HERE. If you're stuck here in the summer heat like the rest of us, think positive thoughts for the mighty Prometheans.
The local paper is the Star-Tribune, and you can find their coverage of the festival HERE. But be prepared; the Star-Trib is just about the lousiest website I've ever seen. It's slow to render, and is overloaded with moving graphics, and it's even harder to navigate than the Sun-Sentinel.
UPDATE: I found a web page that has reviews from Fringe-goers:
Visit it HERE.
Some snippets:
" advertised this show is intense and the piece is indeed
"...great script and cast..."
""The Fringe Linda Fiorentino Last Seduction Femme Fatale Award," this year goes to Deborah L. Sherman."
"There wasn't a fluffy moment in this well-crafted script of fully developed characters and snappy dialogue. Well-paced, fast-moving, lots of nifty twists & turns. Very impressive, I hope they come back next year"

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