Friday, August 15, 2008

The Scene for August 15th, 2008

We've reached the middle of August; the Dog Days of Summer are officially behind us, and Tropical Storm Fay is in our future. But the plays keep coming!


The Miami Herald reviews True Blue at The Women's Theatre Project. It reads like most high school theater reviews, a typical neophyte mess wherein the reviewer outlines the story, and describes the characters, and makes a few insipid comments (do we really need to be told that the characters are "dimensional in their own right?" What does the even mean?) She goes on to tell us that "the camaraderie" is great, "....but that it fails to build on that foundation."

But it's obvious to the reviewer that the sheer volume of talent is all that salvages the evening; I'd watch Pamela Roza read the phone book, quite honestly. Add Angie Radosh, Laura Turnbull, and Patti Gardner, and it's going to be worth watching.

As is becoming their custom, the Sun-Sentinel sent out someone to review a play, but hid the review away from prying eyes. I say that because if they had a review, you'd think they'd post it in the Stage section, along with the uh, and But no, it's not in what the Sun-Sentinel's sorry excuse for an editorial staff considers its rightful place, it's in the Entertainment section, with a link that makes it look like a promo piece instead of a review. Jeesh, I hate the Sun-Sentinel!

But I found the review. It's by Mary Damiano, and it's one of her better efforts. It is short, but concise.
"O'Neill-Butler has crafted a compelling story, but like most new works, it could use some tweaking. Character development could be stronger andmore assured. While the second act veers into territory too precious for its own good, the impressive cast manages to sell even the most maudlin moments. In addition to delivering fine and funny performances, they make a tight ensemble."
This quote comprises nearly a quarter of the review. One suspects that an overly-zealous editor hacked away the rest of it. God, I hate the Sun-Sentinel.

I know I give him a lot of grief, but this week, Brandon K. Thorp of the Palm Beach/Broward New Times gives us the most cogent look at True Blue.
"True Blue's lack of specificity creeps into every aspect of the play, most severely in terms of character development. We seldom see these women do anything that defines them..."


The New Theatre in Coral Gables opens William Shakespeare's As You Like It. They've become well-known for their summer Shakespeare offerings. It opened last night, and runs through September 14.

GableStage, also in Coral Gables, presents the world premiere of BETRAYED tomorrow night. Playwright George Packer based his play on his interviews with Iraqi interpreters. It won the 2008 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Play for it presentation at the Culture Project in New York City, but this is the play's first production by a theatre company. It's also this week's Critic's Pick in the Herald.

A third opening night; The Last Days of Judas Iscariot opened tonight at Ground Up and Rising's usual home at Miami-Dade Community College's Kendall campus.

Finally, The Convertible Girl may or may not be opening at the Broward Stage Door Theatre. I think I saw an ad for it in the Sun-Sentinel, but it doesn't seem to be on their website. So you may or may not want to check it out!


Caldwell Theatre's critically acclaimed production of DOUBT closes this Sunday, August 17th. You don't often get a second chance to see a production in South Florida; so don't miss it.


Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater production of MIDLIFE: The Crisis Musical continues through August 24.

Slava's Snowshow at the Arsht Center is still playing through August 31.

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: THE NEARLY TRUE STORY OF THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS also continues its run at Florida Stage in Manalapan through August 31.


  1. What a neat website. Someone just sent link. Thanks for all the info. and updates!!!

  2. Thank you so much! My goal is to create a convenient place to find out what's going on. It's always nice to get feedback.

  3. Hi C.L.J.

    Just wanted to let you know The Convertible Girl is indeed up & running @ Stage Door Theatre and keeping audiences roaring with laughter.
    I should know...I'm in the cast!


  4. Good to hear, Eileen; but they should put it up very clearly on their website. Why keep it a secret?

  5. I do know the theatre recently revamped its website, so it may still be tweaking some things.
    This is why it's good to have a former reporter in the cast, to clarify these very kinds of questions!
    All my best to you & your readers (I'm one of them now!)