Thursday, September 4, 2008

the Scene for September 5th, 2008 (updated!)

This is finally the doldrums for South Florida Theatres; most major productions have closed, and most theatres are getting set for the upcoming production season. Yes, it's definitely slowing down on the Theatre Scene.

But while it looks like we're going to be visited by Hannah and Ike over the next week, there's still plays to see in South Florida.


It's hard to follow everything going on in South Florida, and I completely missed a show. But reading the Herald this morning, low and behold, there's a show opening. This week's Critic's Pick in the Herald is Lying In State, which opens at the Caldwell Theatre tonight.
Senator Ed shouldn’t have been shooting at squirrels because the bullets ricocheted and he wound up dead. Grievers who gather at the funeral parlor include his ex-wife, who Ed shot accidentally in the caboose, and his fiancĂ© Buttons, a former exotic dancer. Buttons also has a past with the Governor who comes to pay his respects. With a host of characters who are hoots, this wacky comedy poses the question: Shouldn’t Ed run for re-election even though he’s dead? Don’t miss this off-the-wall, fall down funny comedy, which skewers today’s politicians and their advisors.
Given that the current election includes a hunting ex-beauty-queen former mayor who is governor of Alaska, and whose baggage includes a knocked-up high-school student daughter, this comedy may not be as "whacky" as Michael Hall thought when he chose it. But with John Felix and Alan Baker sharing the stage, it's unlikely that any scenery will escape unchewed.

But since Hanna is going to miss us, and Ike apparently isn't, your best bet is to go this weekend.


Only one review as of this posting:

Mary Damiano reviews Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? for the Sun-Sentinel. She didn't much care for the production at the Stage Door Theatre:
The Broward Stage Door cast does what they can with what they're given. The two leads, Sal Mannino and Kristen Michelle Bussiere, fare best. They have terrific chemistry and credibly convey the awkwardness of growing up. Mannino gets to shine with his second act solo, I Must Be in Love. Bussiere is the highlight of the show, bringing poignancy to her portrayal of an overweight preteen, embodying the mannerisms and insecurities of a child before evolving into a self-assured teen.

Unfortunately, good performances are not enough to make this show a must-see.
The show runs through October 5th in Coral Springs.


Bathhouse, the Musical, at Rising Action Theatre, closes this Sunday, September 7th.


Sol Theatre is going repertory; it's held over Why We Have A Body ( a show recommended by two out of three critics) on Saturdays through September 13th, and Blowing Whistles on Wednesdays and Fridays through September 12th. (Do we dare ask what happens on Thursday Nights up there?)

The Convertible Girl is still running at the Broward Stage Door Theatre. And with a microscope, I can see that it's running through October 22. And I finally found a review, once again hidden from view by the editorial mismanagement of the Sun-Sentinel. This time, the rat bastards buried it in the Community section. Reviewer Al Price raved about it.

New Theatre in Coral Gables presents As You Like It in its intimate space in the shadow of Merrick Place. (reviews listed in last week's The Scene)

GableStage, also in Coral Gables, is running Betrayed. This production apparently blurs the line between its production and the story it tells of the American occupation of Iraq. This is timely stuff, and well worth seeing. Take advantage of the dining package they've arranged with their landlord, the Biltmore Hotel, and have a real night out.

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