Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sun-Sentinel's Monthly Theatre Article

It's not A story, it's several stories all jammed in under one headline. It seems that rather than cover a vibrant theatre scene, the witless editors of the Sun-Sentinel will only spring for a story once a month. And then they're not putting in the theatre section - but I foiled them by finding it anyway. At least it's by Bill Hirschman.

He touches on Richard Jay Simon's Open Letter:
Simon tried to rally the troops through e-mails and on Facebook to address the Broward County Commission Sept. 22. But he called the turnout of theater professionals "invisible."
He also lists some of the shows opening this month. And check out the bottom of the page, under "related stories:"

Hey, Howard Greenberg and Earl Maulker; do you know why not one of the three related stories are from your crappy newspaper? It's because everyone else in South Florida publishes something about theatre every week. Heck, two out of those three stories are mine, because where you published one article with four different subjects, I published four articles.

To my Scene readers - please click through to the article, leave nice comments about Bill, and complain that it should have been four articles.

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