Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scene Addendum for May 9: Brandon's Bits

Somehow I missed including the New Times' reviews for this week's Scene. I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their weekly Gonzo theatre review fix.

Miami Edition
Waiting until basically the last minute, Brandon finally reviews M Enembles' acclaimed production of FROM THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA. He liked it: LMAO funny that it's a damn crime to leave you but a single weekend
to rearrange your plans, make your reservations, and get your ass to The M
Ensemble to see it.

Just so you know, Brandon, the play actually ran for a month; that's FOUR WEEKS to see the play. That bit should read "it's a damned crime I left you but a single weekend following my review." And hopefully, no one is waiting on one critic's opinions to decide whether or not to see a show.

Broward/Palm Beach
Brandon uses an entire page to review THREE FITTINGS, the current offering from The Women's Theatre Project. This show has gotten mixed reviews all around, but Brandon basically refined the problem with the script to this one line:

Theater generated in this way is about as organic as Spam.

He does go on to absolve director Genie Croft and the cast from any complicity in this show's flaws. And then he writes paragraphs and paragraphs about the flaws in the play. It's a waste time and ink to drive home the same point again and again... and again. Better to do a second review than flog a rotting corpse of a horse.

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