Friday, May 23, 2008

The Scene for May 23, 2008

Memorial Day weekend, and it's your last chance to catch some shows; here's a list of shows closing this holiday weekend:

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
at the Rising Action Theatre Company.

The Accomplices at GableStage.

Thumbs, at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater

The Miami Herald's Critic's Pick is Summer Shorts. It's a strange choice because Summer Shorts doesn't actually open until NEXT week. It's certainly something to anticipate. But perhaps it's because Christine Dolen didn't like Makeover: A Contemporary Fairy Tale, playing at the re-animated Hollywood Playhouse.

The Sun-Sentinel chose a show that is actually playing this weekend for its Critic's Pick; Thumbs, at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater. The Sun-Sentinel also published its infrequent Capsule Theatre Reviews feature. They're also plugging something for the kids: Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective. This is a Fantasy Theatre Factory production, presented at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre.

Brandon Thorp isn't reviewing anything in the current issue of the Miami New Times; he's joining the Herald in plugging City Theatre's beloved Summer Shorts. But he does have a review up in the Broward/Palm Beach edition; Florida Stage's Ordinary Nation. And it seems that he listened to my lament about his use of space, because he also mentions a slew of other projects you can still see this weekend!
"This month finds the brilliant, funny/depressing Benefactors still running at Palm Beach Dramaworks while the brilliant, funny/scary Body of Water rolls along at Mosaic. Moody Beirut,
just finished at Sol Theatre Project, and now Florida Stage — which was Palm Beach County's songiest,
danciest, and cheesiest company of 2007 — has opened the southeastern
premiere of Ordinary Nation."
Brandon likes this play, or at least this production of it; and while he enumerates the things he likes about it, he writes with a deft hand and a clear sense of proportion.
"'ve got a production that by all rights should sink under its own weighty meaningfulness. Nation doesn't, and Florida Stage's madcap interpretation deserves as much credit as Carter W. Lewis' funny, soulful script."
It's going to be a muggy, humid, hot holiday weekend; slip into a cool theater and escape into the worlds that only theatre can take you to. You'll be out in plenty of time for that Monday barbecue in the back yard.

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