Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Scene for May 16

The Miami Herald
The Miami Herald gives a positive review A Body of Water at Mosaic Theatre. Howard Cohen gives THUMBS at Actors' Playhouse a thumbs up. Christine Dolen may not have a review up, but she's been busy at her blog.

The Sun-Sentinel
Bill Hirschman over at the Sun-Sentinel also liked A Body of Water at Mosaic Theatre. Mary Damiano reviews Ordinary Nation at Florida Stage for the Sentinel, and - surprise! - actually offers some opinions. She's still a dry read, but at least you know how she felt about the play. It's a notable improvement.

The Palm Beach Post
Hap Erstein at the Palm Beach Post also wrote about Ordinary Nation at Florida Stage. He liked it rather more than Mary Damiano did. He also liked New Vista's production of I'm not Rappaport.

New Times
Brandon Thorp seems mixed about about Body of Water up at Mosaic Theatre. I think. He's sunk a little deep into his own masturbatory "gonzo" style of review, so he starts off with a rambling paragraph composed of random statements and questions before he actually starts off his review by incorrectly stating that Lee Blessing is English (he's not).

Some of his quirkier bits from this 'review;'
"Lee Blessing doesn't have any manners either, even though he's English (they've been going downhill for a while now). If he did, he wouldn't make people sit through the awesomely squirm-inducing existentialist exercise he calls Body of Water. Not that Body of Water is bad. Most likely, this is the best thing Mosaic Theatre has done since Thom Paine..."
On a more rational note:
"I've known for a couple of years that Clement can squeeze more raw feeling into an inch of his face than almost any dozen actors in South Florida, but Dimon, in the most tortured role she's tackled in a long while, is a happy surprise."
I've had the pleasure of working with both of these actors, and while Brandon's surprised by Dimon, I've long said of Dimon what he thought of Clement. Absolutely see these two actors onstage together.

Brandon seems to be back on his meds for his review of THUMBS at Actor's Playhouse. He didn't think much of it, but he did like Angie Radosh and Wayne Steadman, whom he refers to as "a saving grace."

Still playing:
The Naked Stage's critically praised 4.48 Psychosis
It's the last weekend for THREE FITTINGS at The Women's Theatre Project

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