Friday, October 24, 2008

So, What's Going On in the Palm Beaches?

The good news is that the Palm Beach Post is actively covering theatre.  The bad news is that they aren't putting them on their theatre page.  I'm glad they're finally out doing the stories; it was only two weeks ago that I was complaining about the complete lack of coverage. 

But guys, you got to put the stories where you tell us they will be!  A website isn't a newspaper, and we don't page through it like we would a hardcopy.  We click to the sections we want, we bookmark the pages that most interest us.  Hiding the stories in other sections is nearly as bad as not writing them at all because we won't see them.

Since about 2/3 of South Florida doesn't read the paper version of the Post - or even the online version - I'm culling this week's stories so the theatre lover can find them without having to slog through every section of the website.

And seriously, whoever is Editor for the Post (information not found on their website), not only should you keep theatre stories together, they should have an RSS feed.  Your hit count will go up.

The stories:

Kevin Thompson interviews playwright William Mastrosimone, whose Dirty Business opens tonight at Florida Stage.
"The JFK assassination is a common American myth,"
Mastrosimone says in an unmistakable Jersey accent. "We don't know if
it'll ever be solved."

Leslie Gray Streeter talks with Jodie Dixon-Mears about Big River at the Lake Worth Playhouse.
"We are about to change history... or completely fall apart."
"Palm Beach Post Staff Writer" reports on the Third Annual Festival of Short Plays at the Studio Theatre of Wellington.
"it's really surprising how well developed a play can
be in only 10 minutes. If it's written well, it's going to be funny

Charles Passy writes about the reading of a new musical at Maltz Jupiter Theatre.  Academy is the product of the Maltz' emerging artists program.

Passy also reviews Moon for the Misbegotten, but I'm sticking that into yet another update of this weeks' Theatre Scene.

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