Sunday, December 21, 2008

Additional GUTENBERG review

I missed this one for this week's The Scene, and since it was called to my attention while I was at the show last night, I'm putting it up seperate instead of updating The Scene.

This was in the Miami New Times. I was fooled; generally, when Brandon has a column in the Broward/Palm Beach edition, he isn't in the Miam edition.
This is the kind of broad, toothless, meta-theatrical concept — like Forbidden Broadway — designed to appeal to musical-loving old people who don’t mind having a laugh at the expense of their favorite idiom. But Gutenberg turns out to be for someone else. Really, this is a show for members of the current, Adderall-besotted generation: young people with bleak outlooks; folks who like their humor discordant, absurdist, and sooo random.
The Last Temptation of HelveticaI second this: I found the show VERY amusing. There's an awkward moment where one character mentions that he LOVES cats, and the other said, "Yeah, but his cat DIED." It was one of those moments we all have; someone blurts out something that's true, but not actually relevant, and consequentially horribly inappropriate.


Gutenberg! The Musical runs through January 4 December 28th at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theater.

Pancho Padura as MONK tempts Wayne LeGette as HELVETICA

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