Friday, December 5, 2008

Carbonells on for 2009

Christine Dolen has broken the news; the board of directors of the Carbonell Committee voted to continue the awards for 2009.
``The response to our planned suspension of 2009 judging has validated the importance and relevance of the 33-year-old awards. The community has rallied together and pledged to work as a united front to confront the challenges that lie ahead.''
- Carbonell chairman Leslie J. Feldman
This was due in no small part to the Theatre League rising to the occasion and gathering members of the theatre community together to call for the awards to continue. It was a lively discussion, and remarkable focused for all the passions flaring. But one thing was clear, almost everybody wanted the awards to continue, although everyone was also clear that changes must be made in the long run.
After the board's latest vote, Lasher said, ``I'm thrilled. I am so proud of our theater community uniting and making the decision that this is too important to lose. Sometimes, it takes thinking you'll lose something entirely before you appreciate it.''
Kudos to Meredith Lasher and the leadership of the Theatre League, and to the Carbonell Committee for being open to the League's input.

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