Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays Are Dark

Diamond Jubilee
Miami Beach's Colony Theatre turns 75 this month, and tells us about the planned celebration.

Best job in Theater? talks with the literary manager at New Theatre.

Defending the Constitution
Theatres in Colorado are fighting the good fight, according to the LA Times.

Shakespeare: Playwright, Actor...Jewess?
There are many arguments against the Stratford farmer as author of all those plays; but there have been flaws in all the candidates up to this point.  Now the Oxfordian offers up someone not previously considered: the "dark lady of the sonnets," Amelia Bassano Lanier.

And in what is probably a complete coincidence, DramaDaily talks some rarely produced works from Shakespeare's Folio, and links to a whole lot of articles about the Bard's best and worst.

Followed by a Big Bang?
Palm Beach ArtsPaper has a story about Slow Burn Theatre Company; the new kids in town.  They're opening with Bat Boy, The Musical at the West Boca Performing Arts Center in Palm Beach County next month.

A Shout Back
Andrew over at 1st Draft gives us a "big shout out," so we're giving one back.  And a thought for Andrew; perhaps the murder isn't where the story leads us, but what starts us looking into the story in the first place... (and if you, Gentle Reader, don't understand that, then you didn't click the link and read Andrew's blog.)

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