Monday, August 6, 2012

Mondays are Dark

We have two thoughts;
1. when the heck did it get to be AUGUST?
2. DANG, it's HOT.

This used to be the "off-season," but you wouldn't know it from poking through our theatre listings.  One thing that came up at last weeks Theatre League Producers Forum is that South Florida has 52 weeks of theatre.  Blissfully air-conditioned theatre.

Without further ado, here's your Monday reading list:

Latest Entry on The Scene

The newest theatre company in town the work of seasoned veterans; Andy Rogow and Michael Leeds are getting set to launch Island City Stage with a production of The Twentieth Century Way.  It opens August 11 at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, and you can read about in on BroadwayWorld and The Examiner.

Tick Tock

Time is running out to get your theatre company into The Miami Herald's Season of the Arts Guide.

In Which We Learn Disturbing Truths
Or do we? Anywho, Florida Theater On Stage interviews "Florida theatre's Gene Hackman," actor Greg Weiner.

Tropical Round-Up
The Miami Herald rounds up Tigertail Production's next season, notes that legendary South Florida theatre producer Zeb Buffman is back on the scene with the BBC Murder Mystery Tour, and reminds us that City Theatre is still looking for a few good plays.

The Musical, not the City
Boca Raton Theatre Guild is production Kander & Ebb's Chicago, and The Examiner fills us on the galaxy of local stars who will be bringing it to life.

By Popular Demand
Florida Theater On Stage reports that The Donkey Show has been extended for a week.  The Arsht Center has been packing the house with people eager to experience this unique immersive theater production.

Kick in the Pants?
The Producer's Perspective tells us a little about Kickstarter, an online fundraising platform.  Any South Florida theatres try this yet?  Please fill us in!

If You Build It, They Really Do Come
Butts In Seats discovers that despite a seeming glut of PAC construction, most of them succeed. Not that it's that straightforward.  It seems most organizers underestimate costs and overestimate their fundraising abilities - as we well know from the Arsht Center, which was built waaaaay over budget.

Wonder What That's Like
Huh. The Naples Stage Door is taking a vacation.

THAT's why he as the "J."
This Theater Mania article startled us.  But it's a different one.

Will They Stay or Will They Go?

The Coconut Grove Grapevine reports that the wildly popular USA Networks TV show Burn Notice will probably get to stick around for another season; Channel 10 seems to think it's a done deal, while Miami Today News doesn't seem to be convinced. 

We can always turn that site into a park, but the golden goose is still laying eggs; let's stick with that while it lasts.  It's a lot of revenue for Miami, and a lot of jobs for South Florida actors.  The commission should stop trying to move the production to their white elephant Wynwood project, and let them film in the Expo Center for the foreseeable future.

Jobs and revenue.  Why would anyone screw with this?

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