Monday, July 15, 2013

Mondays are Dark

Mondays are actually not dark this summer; Theatre League member theatres are hosting free readings of plays by playwrights who are League members.  This coming Monday, Actors' Playhouse hosts a reading of Women Always Win, a collection of plays by Marj O'Neill-Butler and Roger Martin.

As you must know by now if you read The Scene, The South Florida Theatre League has built an entry for The Great Coconut Grove Bed Race, and this week you will find it The Lake Worth Playhouse, where they are presenting In The Heights.

And by the way, you're not just looking at the thing; you have a chance to climb aboard, to literally Get In Bed With The Arts.

We've been out of town since the Fourth of July, so we're a little behind on reviews, but we're back, so look for a lot of activity in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, here's your Monday reading list.

Brochu's Back at Broward Stage Door
Florida Theater On Stage tells us about Jim Brochu's latest project, Character Men, now playing at Broward Stage Door.  Reviews will be up in a couple of days.

Like The Proverbial Bad Pennies
Grab your wallets, folks: The Sun-Sentinel reports that the infamous Gary Waldman and Jamison Troutman are producing a play in South Florida.  They've secured The Studio Theater at Mizner Park to present the latest iteration of The Sounds of Simon, which up until now has been a revue of Paul Simon Songs.
Waldman says the show is now a proper musical with a narrative told by a male lead, four principal actors and six dancers.

“Now there are characters … people with a story to tell,” he explains. “It’s more of a pop-rock opera. It’s not a revue. We use his lyrics to drive the story along.”
We hope that they've secured the correct licensing to use Paul Simon's music in this manner.  We also hope that the Mizner Park CAC collected its rent up front.

... in Coconut Grove, Channel 10 reports that the Miami-Dade County Commission has approved a plan to "revive" the Coconut Grove Playhouse.
The peeling, rusted and shuttered decay of the Coconut Grove Playhouse has Florida International University in the wings with a plan for theater education, and a regional theater run by GableStage's veteran director, Joe Adler.
One step forward... and we're hopeful the momentum continues in that direction.

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