Thursday, November 13, 2008

IMHO: It all Goes Back to Coverage

Yes, I know I said that I would stop writing, so I'm going to have another speak for me.

Below is a note that the producer of our show, Zooman and the Sign, sent to a member of the press that was supposed to cover our show, feature or review. I'll let the piece speak for itself:

Good Day, Sandra...

We were hoping to see a story or review in this weeks' Miami Times, but it was not there. When I spoke with my good friend Kionne McGee and he asked me had I seen the sparkingly story in the Miami Times. I became excited and called my parents immediately asking had they read your story. They did not and rushed out and purchased 10 copies only to learn there was no story printed on your viewing of Zooman and the Sign.

What happened?

My board of directors and I were disappointed to see that Zooman and the Sign were not featured in some way in our local hometown African American newspaper.

The African American Performing Arts Community Theatre (AAPACT) produced this production with no sponsorship, other than that of the usage of the space from the Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation.

AAPACT was counting on your writing of this production to help create interest in the production to get more local folk and your thousands of readers to possibly come and see the show for its final weekend of performances.

Sandra, it is utimately important to AAPACT to have the respect and support of our neighborhood paper and when this support is pushed aside for whatever reason, it expresses the feeling of a disconnect in our community. You witnessed a production written by an African American Pulitzer-Prized, Oscar award winner. His story rich with the realities of what occurs in the households and neighborhoods of Black Folk almost everyday, in every city in this country.Not to mention a production of pure quality staged by an incredible director of promise, flanked by nine talented actors, all of whom were born and raised in Miami, Florida, the home of our local paper that has been distributed in Miami-Dade and Broward (as noted) for over 86 years.

I purchase and read the Miami Times weekly. The Times has been a regular reading joy for my family and I for as long as I could read, right there with Ebony and Jet. As I expressed to you via the phone, my grandfather, Arlington Sands wrote for the Miami Times. His daughter, Jennifer Sands also wrote for the Miami Times.

That is where my disbelief and astonishment comes in. This entire community has always depended on the Miami Times to tell the news as it occurs. Telling the story of the local hero is equally important. I believe the Times failed to do that, with this production of Zooman and the Sign at a time when a local positive entity such as AAPACT needed it the most.

Theodore "Teddy" Harrell, Jr.
African American Performing Arts Community Theatre
Post Box 472451
Miami, Florida 33247

Zooman and the Sign closes November 16th, for more information, you can go to AAPACT's website.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Newspapers really need to step up to the plate, and promote the institutions that make up our community.