Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sightings: Richard Jay Simon

Christine Dolen wrote a terrific article about Richard Jay Simon, the founder and artistic director for The Mosaic Theatre in Plantation. Its location and artistic mission are no accident:
'I got a grasp of the theatrical landscape. I asked a million questions. I had a map of Dade and Broward in my bedroom, with pins in it representing every existing theater, so I could figure out what was missing. There was nothing in West Broward, and there weren't many theaters doing Off-Broadway plays.
This may be case of 'quid pro quo;' a little while back, Simon published an interview with Dolen on his now-defunct blog, Tiles, which was part of the Mosaic website for a little while. He graciously allowed me to re-publish it in South Florida Theatre Scene. CLICK HERE to read that interview.

Richard is a man of many talents, and the recognition of his success is well deserved.

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