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The Scene for November 14, 2008

The second annual 24 Hour Theatre Project is behind us, and again, it was a successful event. Christine Dolen covered it for the Miami Herald, and Theatre Row has an article by Rene. It was produced by The Naked Stage, with space and technical support provided by Actors' Playhouse.

Now on to what's happening this weekend on the South Florida Theatre Scene:

the reviews
As usual, Christine Dolen of the Miami Herald is first up, because she's the first to print with her review of Nerve, the current production of The Naked Stage. Hm, why does that company familiar?
It's a testament to the talent and standards of the company's founders -- Katherine Amadeo, her husband, Antonio, and their friend John Manzelli -- that even as the three were juggling the complex preparations for their 24-Hour Theatre Project fundraiser on Monday, they have also been able to open a first-rate production of Szymkowicz's dark, quirky comedy.
Oh, yeah. They opened their own show, then high-tailed it to Coral Gables on Sunday to start off the Project. Whew! Must be nice to be young and resilient!

Dolen doesn't touch much on the performances, but comments on the contributions of of the three co-founders to the production as a whole:
The three are also responsible for the way Nerve looks and sounds: Manzelli for the reality-altering lighting, Antonio Amadeo for a neighborhood bar set that's just right (down to the rows of empty beer bottles along two walls), Katherine for the karaoke sounds that precede the play (performed by a hilarious and agonizingly off-key Jason Dewitt) and the music that signals its emotional shifts.
Brandon K. Thorp reviews Nerve for the Miami New Times. And predictably, Brandon's take on it is totally...Brandon.
... Nerve's protagonists are not only more profoundly unbalanced than those in Danny (and the Deep Blue Sea), but also arguably the most fucked-up people ever to swap spit on a stage.
Brandon then goes on to basically give us a play-by-play recap of the, um, play. While this is an unpardonable sin in a theatre review, at least Brandon takes time out to tell us about the actual production of the play:
There is lots of other stuff to laugh at in Nerve, thanks largely to director John Manzelli.

Real-life couple Antonio and Katherine Amadeo plays Nerve's protagonists. Antonio is an impossibly limber actor.... Katherine has the trickier role, which she handles through some amazing juxtapositions. ridiculous as Elliot and Susan appear, they are also real. Everybody who leaves the theater feels a little more naked, a little more vulnerable, and at least a little frightened.
Nerve is presented by The Naked Stage at Barry University's Pelican Theatre through November 30.


The Maltz Jupiter Theatre opened Noises Off on November 11. I think it's been 25 years since we've had a professional production in the region. But hurry up! It only runs through next Sunday.

Bloody noses, mixed messages and falling trousers are only part of the backstage chaos in the production of Noises Off by Michael Frayn, directed by David H. Bell at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, November 11 - 23, 2008. Pictured from left: Isabel Liss, Donald Carrier, Timothy Gregory, Linda Kimbrough, Cassandra Bissell.

Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni
Photo courtesy of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre

The Gates of Choice opens November 13th at the New Theatre, in Coral Gables.

still playing

Dirty Business runs through November 30th at Florida Stage.

Smokey Joe's Cafe plays at the Stage Door Theater in Coral Springs through November 25.

Lucky Stiff runs through December 7, also at the Stage Door Theater, in Coral Springs.

MixTape by Mad Cat Theatre plays at the Miami Light Project in downtown Miami through November 22.

A Moon for the Misbegotten plays at Palm Beach Drama Works through November 30.

passing through

This is a new section, dedicated primarily to tours or other events that have a limited span.

Dixie's Tupperware Party comes and goes through the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach this weekend.

The Soul of Gershwin is playing the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale, this weekend through November 23rd. If it sounds familiar, it was one of the last productions at the late Coconut Grove Playhouse. And like that production, this one was produced by Arnold Mittelman. Yes, folks, he's back.

Altar Boyz plays at the Crest Theatre on the 14, 15, and 16.

last chance to see...

Zooman and the Sign plays at the African American Performing Arts Community Theater closes November 16. See related story. (And Teddy, update your site! I'd love to link to a picture of your current show!)

The GableStage production of David Mamet's November, also closes November 16.

Makeover; a modern fairy tale, at the Cuillo Center, closes November 16.

for kids

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at The Playground Theatre.

More listings can be found at South Florida Parenting Magazine.

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