Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sightings: Trent Kendall

Trent Kendall was an intern at the Burt Reynold's Jupiter Theatre, back when I started my technical career in earnest. He's gone on to make quite a career for himself since then. You can read his resume on his very slick website.

Other interns in that group include Margot Moreland, who has continued working in South Florida Theatre, and Anastasia Barzee, who has worked extensively on Broadway.

Theater Mania reports that he's bringing his one-man musical, Picture Incomplete, to the Tampa Performing Arts Center this weekend.

Ticket information and a video can be found on the show's website, www.pictureincomplete.com.

BTW, the old Burt Reynold's Jupiter Theatre is now the Maltz Jupiter Theater. And there's your South Florida Theatre connection.

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