Monday, July 6, 2009

Mondays are Dark, July 6, 2009

The 60's
Florida Stage just opened Some Kind of Wonderful. Hap Erstein gives us a little background:
“Lou (Tyrrell) and Nan (Barnett) came to us saying, ’We really want you to build something for our audience, for this time of year, that will speak to a certain demographic’,” recalls Castellino. “We wanted to write more than a jukebox musical, we wanted to give them some kind of theatrical experience.”
Theatre Trip
Christine Dolen blogs about three upcoming shows;
Further putting the lie to the idea that summer is a dead zone for South Florida theater, the next two weeks bring a pair of world premieres, plus a peppy musical revue about the pleasures and travails of marriage.
Putting it Together
Mario Ernesto Sánchez gets the 24th Annual International Hispanic Theatre Festival off the ground, despite tightening visa requirements and shrinking donations. Christine Dolen talks with the artistic director of Teatro Avante.
'I say, 'Why am I doing this?' It's because we have to get to the 25th year,'' he says. "There are always new crises, new hopes.''
Here's hoping that we're still looking forward the IHTF every year, and that we're not stopping at 25.

Oh, and Christine Dolen blogged about Promoteo Theatre's entree, Otelo. So does the Miami Theatre Examiner. Hmm. Same picture.

Vice could be nice
Kevin D. Thompson takes a good look at Vices: A Love Story, which opens at Caldwell this week.
At first glance, you’re not certain if the pictures are from a musical theater production or one of those late-night Skinemax, eh, I mean, Cinemax flicks. They certainly get your attention.

And that’s the point, says Clive Cholerton, the Caldwell’s new artistic director who took over for theater co-founder Michael Hall on June 1.

“I wanted to do something to establish what a Clive Cholerton Caldwell is going to be like,” he says. “I wanted to say these are what my sensibilities are as an artist. In this economic environment you have to stand out and be willing to take a chance.”
The Dish on Knish
The opening of Tony Finstrom's award-winning Knish Alley has been pushed back a week to July 17, due to a last minute cast change;
Executive Producer Derelle Bunn announced today that, due to reasons of ill health, Jeffrey Bruce has withdrawn from the Broward Stage Door Theatre Company's world premiere production of Tony Finstrom's award-winning comedy KNISH ALLEY!
Knish Alley won the Palm Beach Dramaworks' Playwright's Festival award for Best New Play.

Blustery Good-Bye
I wish! Gary Waldman informs us that he's leaving, but not before he gives me a piece of his mind tells me off.
The ONE time a REAL news organization published words resembling your own they were sued and lost.

You write what you hear in bars and call it news.
I thought it was the Sun-Sentinel; does anyone know who he's talking about? Please leave a comment, as I don't have time to hang around in bars this week.

But while we're on the subject, are there any theatre bars anymore? Anyone got suggestions?

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