Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sightings: Ginny Joslin

I preface this with the admission that Virginia "Ginny" Joslin is my grandmother.  And she can be found at my commentary blog, Man Or Maniac.

26 years ago, I was studying in New York, making the rounds and not getting anywhere.  My grandmother kept talking about the vibrant theatre scene in South Florida, and offered me the use of her sofa.  I came down, figuring to pad my resume for a year or so, before heading back the Big Apple.

I never left.   Well, I did move off her sofa.

Ginny gained local notoriety back in the 80's for her performance as Granny in Going to See The Elephant at the old Actors' Rep.  She did several shows at the Rep and at the Lake Worth Playhouse, including the Rep's production of True West starring my good friend Gordon McConnell.  

When Bob Carter revived Actors' Rep about ten years ago, he called me to see if my grandmother was still around: she had moved out of state, but she came back to reprise Granny in Going to See The Elephant.

Happy 91st birthday, Grandma!

And if you're looking to cast an old lady, she's definitely interested.

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