Monday, August 3, 2009

Actors' Playhouse extends Married ALIVE! reports that Actors' Playhouse has extended its run of Married ALIVE through August 23rd.

It's a notable achievement, since area media has basically failed to cover the show.

There is exactly one review in the local media: Christine Dolen's review in the Miami Herald. The Sun-Sentinel, once a power in the South Florida arts scene, never sent out anyone to review it. The Palm Beach Post apparently can't be bothered to cover anything even close to the borders of Palm Beach County anymore. I'm actually surprised that the New Times hasn't reviewed it; they usually do a much better job of covering shows than they have the last month or so.

There is one other review: John LaRiviere of Talkin' Broadway came out to see it.

And that's it. One review by a professional reviewer, and one review written by an actor for a national website that doesn't have a very strong presence in South Florida. And this for the area's largest regional theater. Every other regional theater received more reviews than Actors' Playhouse and Married ALIVE. It's a dismal showing on the part of South Florida journalism.

The good news is that word of mouth does still rule, and the show's extended, employing the cast and crew a little longer in this economy. This show hasn't been carried on hype: there hasn't been any. No, this is all audience response. Kudos to Dave Arisco and his cast!

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