Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sun-Sentinel Effectively Dead

No, they haven't announced that they're shutting down.  But since it's been over two months since they published any theatre story worth reading, we've decided that enough is enough, it's time to stop pretending that Broward County's only daily paper provides any meaningful news coverage for our area of interest.

The Theatre Scene has removed the link to the Sun-Sentinel's CULTURE page; there is no point in a theatre blog linking to a site that no longer covers theatre.

The Sun-Sentinel's dim-witted management might argue that they do cover theatre, and point at all the articles  they've reprinted from the Herald and the Post.   But since we have already linked to those articles when they  originally appeared in the Herald and the Post, there is no point in our linking to them.  The Scene recognizes what the Sun-Sentinel does not; theatre lovers in South Florida are not served by being directed to old news.

It's sad to note that it's only been a couple of very short years since the Sentinel outpaced the Herald for theatre coverage.  This was entirely due to the late Jack Zink's tireless efforts,  and from our perspective, the Sun-Sentinel's cultural heart died with him.

If you happen to see an actual, original, theatre story in the Sun-Sentinel, by all means pass it along and we'll post it.   But as of today, we're no longer expending the effort to dig through the mess that is the Sun-Sentinel website to look for something that just isn't there.

On the bright side, dropping the Sun-Sentinel will have absolutely no impact on the number of shows and reviews appearing on The Scene.  The sad fact is that if the Sun-Sentinel closed tomorrow, you'd probably never know it.

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