Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Ten Search Strings 8/12

This week's top ten keyword searches; it's an interesting one:
  1. south florida theater scene
  2. equity theaters in south florida
  3. miami theater scene
  4. live theatre in south florida
  5. south florida live theater
  6. south florida theatre scene
  7. south florida theatre league blog
  8. auditions in south florida
  9. brodway shows in south florida
  10. kim cozort
Pretty weird, huh?

I suspect it's because she appeared on THE GLADES last week,  which also featured David Perez-Ribada.  David, alas, did not appear on the list.  I don't know why; sexism in action, I guess.

Kim is no stranger to South Florida stages, and her husband, Kenneth Kay, is opening In the Comfort of Darkness at the Caldwell Theater this week.

photo copyright A&E TV.

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