Monday, September 27, 2010

Mondays are Dark

Palm Tuesday
Last Tuesday, the Silver Palms were announced.  Read about them on South Florida Theatre Review and The Drama Queen.

Manic Monday
No, it's in the right order, because this is NEXT Monday - when The Naked Stage produces the 24 Hour Theatre Project.  This year, they're holding it at The Caldwell Theatre, and tickets are going fast!

Support the Arts: Why and How
Dara and Jarret Levan wrote to the Sun-Sentinel about the importance of supporting the arts:
In Broward County, non-profit arts organizations generate over $150 million in total economic activity annually, with almost $90 million benefiting local restaurants, hotels, retailers, parking garages, and countless other businesses. There is also a significant increase in spending from "cultural tourists," compared to tourists who don't attend an arts event.
That's Why. They have a list of How, which runs from simply buying tickets or artwork, up to sponsoring events.  Support is cumulative; even the tiniest thing you can do adds to the whole.

Double Your Money reports that an anonymous donor will match donations made to Mosaic Theatre by October 3rd.

Don't Take It For Granted
South Florida Theater Review talks about some recent grant awards.

Sucked through the 4th Wall
Boca Magizine's John Thomason went Completely Hollywood for his birthday.

Master Playwrights
The Shiny Sheet takes a look at  Palm Beach DramaWorks's 2010-2011 Master Playwright Series.

Speaking of Announcements... reports that New Theatre will be opening Bob Glaudini's Jack Goes Boating on October 8.  But the article seems to be trying to introduce a nickname for The New Theatre; "THE NEW."  Anyone ever refer to New Theatre as THE NEW?  Me either.  It hits me like a very lame comedy bit ("I'm going to THE NEW!"  "The new what?"  "No, just THE NEW!"  "you mean 'gnu?' "  "No, NEW!"). Maybe they should try "The N. T."  Although, people might thing you mean The New Times, no relation to The New Theatre, so that's not a good idea.  OK, TNT. Wait, doesn't Slow Burn use an image of TNT as its logo?  You know what?  "New Theatre" is the best way to go, after all. 

Did You Hear?
Motherhood the Musical started previews last week.  Read about the latest addition to the GFour roster on The South Florida Theater Review It's playing at the Miniaci Performing Arts Center.

Alliance Theatre Lab has posted pictures of the cast of House of Yes.  You'll need to scroll down a little.

Monstrous Make-up
The Sun-Sentinel talks with the make-up artist on the national tour of Young Frankenstein.  The show's opening in Fort Lauderdale will mark the beginning of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts' 20th Anniversary Season.


...The Miami Herald reports that the Gusman Theatre might be saved.
"He will not allow the Gusman to close,'' Sarnoff told The Miami Herald. ``This is a very credible person. I have every expectation he will fulfill his commitment. If he doesn't, there is no plan to save the Gusman.''
If that doesn't sound completely reassuring, well, you're reading it right:
...the venue was donated to the parking authority in 1975 by businessman and philanthropist Maurice Gusman.

But the semi-autonomous parking authority, which generates substantial revenue, is barred by its charter from spending money on the theater. The authority, which contributes some $5 million to $7 million a year to city coffers, is now contesting a takeover attempt by the city.
Why would anyone donate a theatre to a civic parking authority?  And since they've done such a crappy job managing it, why are they fighting to keep it?  These are questions that need answers.

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