Monday, November 15, 2010

Mondays are Dark

Hope you had a great weekend!  Here's your Monday reading list:

Consider Yourself...Informed

The Miracle Theatre Examiner reports on the latest play at the Miracle Theater; the Actors' Playhouse production of Oliver!, and it's big news:
"The scope of this production is enormous, says Arisco. "We're working with two Olivers, two Artful Dodgers, two groups of 16 kids, a cast of 22 adults, a crew of 10 and an orchestra of nine. This is truly one of our largest productions to date."
Oh, The Humana Fest Of It All...
The Drama Queen reports that Marco Ramirez, the South Florida playwright who is also a writer on the the TV show Sons of Anarchy, has been tapped for the Human Fest.

Plays with a Bite
South Florida Gay News reports that Thinking Cap Productions started a play at The Wine Cellar last week.  The ticket includes appetizer, entree, dessert, and the show.  Nichole Stodard is directing S/HE, performed by Arsimmer McCoy and Damian Robinson.

They're Back!
Mosaic Theatre had its own blog a couple of years ago, but it petered out and was soon taken down before it gathered unsightly cobwebs.  Which was a shame, because artistic director Richard Jay Simon had some great stuff up.  Well, last week, Tiles: Mosaic Theatre's Blog returned from limbo, and you'll find it in our blog roll on the right-hand side of the page.  Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Wong & Tei
Miami ArtZine on Going Green the Wong Way, presented by Mad Cat Theatre & the Arsht Center this week.  Paul Tei directs Kristina Wong in her one-woman show.  The real news: Tei landed a gig working for Disney.

The Miami Herald reports on Lanza, a new musical that is a result of a colloboration between music producer Phil Ramone (yes, THAT Phil Ramone), and University of Miami's Frost School of Music.

The Story of a a Fizzle

Broadway World tells us about New Theatre's world premiere production of Fizz, a new comedy by Rogelio Martinez.  Remember New Coke?  So does Martinez.

Sound Advice
The Artful Manager advises us that looking ahead is much more important than looking back when mulling over sunk costs.

Meanwhile... Coconut Grove, the Arsht Center might want a piece of a new Coconut Grove Playhouse, according to Miami Today News.
"Michael Spring, [the county's] representative, has said… they only have a enough money to build a small regional theater," said Mike Eidson, partner at law firm Colson Hicks Eidson and new chair of the center's board, during an interview last week. "What I'm talking about… is to try… to find the resources to build a second theater… an 800-seat regional theater or almost national theater that can put on any play."
The article reports that the Center would not be investing any of its funds in the venue.

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