Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stage Door Theatre: On The Town (reviews)

The Stage Door Theatre opened its production of the musical On The Town on October 20, 2010.
ON THE TOWN is the story of a 24-hour adventure involving three sailors on leave from their ship. Memorable musical numbers include Come Up to My Place, Lucky to Be Me, Some Other Time and New York, New York. This exhilarating Broadway show was also made into one of MGM’s biggest movie musicals starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelley.
The cast included Tyler Fish, John Ramsey, Joey Zangardi, Nikki Allred, and Erin Romero.

Mary Damiano
reviewed for the South Florida Theater Review:
The Stage Door production starts out well enough—the recorded tracks of Bernstein’s music sound wonderful, as the clever, abstract scenic design by Stage Door Scenic and Tim Webb brings a chaotic, off-kilter version of 1940s’ New York City to life.
The couples are well-paired.  Zangardi and Powell dance well together, while Fish and Romero exhibit the most chemistry. Allred and Ramsey do a nice job as the show’s centerpiece couple...
Romero is the standout as Hildy, especially when she belts out her big number, the double-entendre-filled I Can Cook Too. Her comical expressions, her no-nonsense delivery, and her way with a song make Romero one of the best reasons to see On the Town.

Unfortunately, she is one of the only reasons to see it, because On the Town fizzles more than sizzles. The cast does its best, but the caliber of dancers is uneven, and that’s especially noticeable during the ballet sequences. The theater’s stage is too small to handle the larger dance numbers, and the cast looks crowded.  Allred and Powell are stuck in awful wigs... The pacing between the musical numbers is too slow, so most of the comic lines fall flat.

Ultimately, On the Town lacks the sparkle needed to make it  a must-see production.
On The Town plays at the Stage Door Theatre through December 5, 2010.

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