Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 Carbonell Nominations Breakdown

Breakdown by County

Broward:  27

Miami-Dade County:  36

Palm Beach County:  36

Breakdown by Theatre

18    Actors’ Playhouse           

18    Maltz Jupiter

16    GableStage   

11    Broward Stage Door   

10    Mosaic Theatre

9    Palm Beach Dramaworks   

8    Florida Stage   

4    GFour Productions

1    Caldwell Theatre Company       

1    Naked Stage               

1    New Theatre               

1    The Promethean Theatre       

1    The Women’s Theatre Project   

Breakdown by Show

11    Miss Saigon

7    Anything Goes

7    Blasted

6    The Drowsy Chaperone

6    La Cage Aux Folles

6    Oliver!

5    50 Words

5    Collected Stories

5    Mack and Mabel

4    Motherhood the Musical

3    12 Angry Men

3    American Buffalo

3    Dr. Radio

2    Academy

2    Candida

2    Cane

2    Dying City

2    Goldie, Max and Milk

2     Groundswell

2`    Speech and Debate

2    Three Tall Women

1    A Behanding in Spokane

1    Bridge and Tunnel

1     Completely Hollywood

1    Distracted

1    The Dumb Waiter

1    Equus

1    Freud’s Last Session

1    The Gin Game

1    No Exit

1    The Quarrel

1    Unreasonable Doubt

1    When the Sun Shone Brighter

Double Nominees

Joseph Adler

Matt Corey

Erik Fabregat

Dan Kelley

Matt Kelly

Michael McKeever

Marcia Milgrom Dodge

Amy Miller Brennan

Jeff Quinn

Erin Joy Schmidt

Deborah L. Sherman

Shane R. Tanner

Ellis Tillman

Triple Nominee

Chrissi Ardito

Nominations by Theater Company

33 productions at 13 companies

Palm Beach – 36

Caldwell Theatre Company - 1

Florida Stage - 8

Maltz Jupiter Theatre - 18

Palm Beach Dramaworks - 9

Miami-Dade - 36

Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre     - 18

GableStage - 16

The Naked Stage – 1

New Theatre - 1

Broward - 27

Broward Stage Door – 11

GFour Productions - 4

Mosaic Theatre - 10

The Promethean Theatre - 1

The Women's Theatre Project - 1

Most nominated musical

Miss Saigon, Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre - 11

Most nominated play

Blasted, GableStage - 7


  1. Among the egregiously overlooked,
    in my humble opinion:


    Best New Work: Andrew Rosendorf, "Cane," Florida Stage

    Best Production: "Three Tall Women, " Palm Beach Dramaworks
    Best Director: J. Barry Lewis, "Three Tall Women," Dramaworks; Louis Tyrrell, "When the Sun Shone Brighter," Florida Stage

    Best Actor: Dennis Creaghan, "A Behanding in Spokane," GableSrage

    Best Actress: Angie Radosh, "The Year of Magical Thinking," Women's Theatre Project

    Best Supporting Actor: John Leonard Thompson, "American Buffalo," Dramaworks; Marckenson Charles, "A Behanding in Spokane," GableStage; Terry Hardcastle, "Unreasonable Doubt," Actors' Playhouse; John Felix, "Candida," Dramaworks

    Best Supporting Actress: Sarah Lord, "Goldie, Max and Milk," Florida Stage; Laura Turnbull, "Equus," New Theatre; Elena Marie Garcia, "Summer Shorts - Signature Shorts," City Theatre


    Best Production: "Motherhood the Musical," GFour Productions

    Best Director: Bill Castellino, "Dr. Radio," Florida Stage; Lisa Shriver, "Motherhood the Musical," GFour Productions; Andrew Kato, "Academy," Maltz

    Best Actor: John Sherer, "La Cage Aux Folles," Maltz; Gary Marachek, "Oliver!," Actors' Playhouse

    Best Actress: Margot Moreland, "Dr. Radio," Florida Stage; Felicia P. Fields, "Low Down Dirty Blues," Florida Stage

    Best Supporting Actor: Wynn Harmon, "Anything Goes," Maltz; Matt Bann, "The Drowsy Chaperone," Stage Door; Wilson Bridges, "Academy," Maltz

    Best Supporting Actress: Kelly Atkins, "The Great American Trailer Park Musical," Actors' Playhouse; Catherine Walker, "Anything Goes," Maltz; Laura Turnbull, "Motherhood the Musical," GFour Productions

    Best Musical Direction: Christopher McGovern, "Dr. Radio," Florida Stage; Kevin Coughlin, "Mack and Mabel," Stage Door

    Best Choreography: Joshua Rhodes, "Academy," Maltz


    Best Scenic Design: Michael Amico, "Three Tall Women," Dramaworks; Ken Goetz, "When the Sun Shone Brighter," Florida Stage; Sean McClelland, "The Great Americal Trailer Park Musical," Actors' Playhouse; Michael Schweikardt, "Academy," Maltz

    Best Lighting: Thomas Salzman, "The Old Man and the Sea," Caldwell; Jeff Droiter, "Academy," Maltz; Donald Edmund Thomas, "La Cage Aux Folles," Maltz; Richard Crowell, "When the Sun Shone Brighter," Florida Stage

    Best Costume Design: Mark Pirolo, "Dr. Radio," Florida Stage; K. Blair Brown, "Collected Stories," Mosaic; Kimberly Wick/Costume World, "The Drowsy Chaperone," Stage Door

    Best Sound Design: Keith Kohrs, "La Cage Aux Folles," Maltz; Aleander Herrin, "Unreasonable Doubt," Actors' Playhouse; Steve Shapiro, "The Gin Game," Dramaworks; David Torres, "The Drowsy Chaperone," Stage Door

    Best Ensemble: "Sins of the Mother," Florida Stage; "American Buffalo," Dramaworks; "Three Tall Women," Dramaworks

  2. Those last three pieces shouldn't be considered "ensemble" pieces. But then, neither should 12 Angry Men.
    By the same token, Summer Shorts is absolutely ensemble work, so you can't have a "best supporting" anything.
    As for the rest, some good shows, good performances, and good designs, but were they standard-setting? Did they raise bar? Sure, they were fine performances. They were strong productions. They were effective designs. But for an award, they should push boundaries or at least set the standard, and very few of your choices did that, in my opinion. That's not to say that the work was anything but excellent. But not every excellent thing should automatically qualify for a nomination.

  3. Did you actually SEE all 42 Carbonell recommended shows that were eligable for consideration? And what, by your standards, constitutes an "Ensemble?" Carb rules, I believe, say it can't include a leading actor or actress. Supporting players are permited. In the Maltz production of 12 Angry Men, there was most definitely NOT a leading character among them, as directed by Mr. Galati.

  4. As I work full time in theatre, it is impossible for me to see every single production. It's one reason I won't review shows.

    The Carbonell committee and I disagree on many things, not the least of which is what an ensemble piece is, and how it should be handled.

  5. I'm sad that James Randolph wasn't recognized for his work in Equus... wasn't it one of Miami New Times "Best Of"?

  6. Yes, Jim Randolph was robbed.

    -Ken Clement