Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That's right, it's that time of year again! The Carbonell Awards have announced the nominations for plays in the calendar year 2010. Here is the complete list of the nominations; the awards ceremony will be held on April 4, 2011 at 7:30 pm, in Amaturo Theater the at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, centrally located in Fort Lauderdale.

COMBINED  (Plays and Musicals)

Best New Work  (Play or Musical, award to author)
  • Christopher Demos-Brown, When the Sun Shone Brighter, Florida Stage
  • Sue Fabisch, Motherhood the Musical, GFour Productions   
  • Karen Hartman, Goldie, Max & Milk, Florida Stage
  • Michael McKeever, Unreasonable Doubt, Actors’ Playhouse

Best Ensemble, Play or Musical  (citations to cast and director):
  • 12 Angry Men                                    Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • The Complete Hollywood(abridged)     Mosaic Theatre
  • The Dumb Waiter                              The Promethean Theatre
  • Motherhood the Musical                     GFour Productions
  • Speech and Debate                            GableStage


Best Production of a Play (award to producing organization)
  • 12 Angry Men             Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • 50 Words                   GableStage
  • American Buffalo        Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Blasted                      GableStage
  • Collected Stories         Mosaic Theatre
Best Director, Play
  • Joseph Adler            50 Words                GableStage
  • Joseph Adler            Blasted                    GableStage
  • Frank Galati            12 Angry Men                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • William Hayes        American Buffalo            Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Margaret M. Ledford        Collected Stories            Mosaic Theatre
Best Actor, Play
  • Dennis Creaghan     Freud’s Last Session   Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Todd Allen Durkin        Blasted                    GableStage
  • David Hemphill        Equus                    New Theatre
  • Ricky Waugh            Dying City                Mosaic Theatre
  • Gregg Weiner            50 Words                GableStage

Best Actress, Play
  • Barbara Bradshaw        Collected Stories            Mosaic Theatre
  • Beth Dixon            Three Tall Women            Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Erin Joy Schmidt        50 Words                GableStage
  • Erin Joy Schmidt        Dying City                Mosaic Theatre
  • Karen Stephens        Bridge and Tunnel            The Women’s Theatre Project

Best Supporting Actor, Play
  • Marckenson Charles        Groundswell                Mosaic Theatre
  • Will Connolly            Candida                Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Erik Fabregat       A Behanding in Spokane        GableStage
  • Erik Fabregat            Blasted                    GableStage
  • Michael McKeever        Distracted                Caldwell Theatre Company

Best Supporting Actress/Play
  • Kim Morgan Dean        Collected Stories            Mosaic Theatre
  • Angie Radosh            Three Tall Women            Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Jackie Rivera            Speech and Debate            GableStage
  • Deborah L. Sherman        Goldie, Max & Milk            Florida Stage
  • Deborah L. Sherman        No Exit                Naked Stage


Best Production of a Musical  (award to producing organization)
  • Academy            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • The Drowsy Chaperone    Stage Door Theatre
  • La Cage Aux Folles        Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Mack and Mabel        Stage Door Theatre
  • Miss Saigon            Actors’ Playhouse

Best Director, Musical
  • David Arisco            Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse
  • Dan Kelley            The Drowsy Chaperone       Stage Door Theatre
  • Michael Leeds            Mack and Mabel             Stage Door Theatre
  • Mark Martino            La Cage Aux Folles            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Marcia Milgrom Dodge    Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Best Actor, Musical
  • Mark Jacoby            La Cage Aux Folles            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Dan Kelley            The Drowsy Chaperone         Stage Door Theatre
  • Herman Sebek            Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse
  • Bret Shuford            Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Shane R. Tanner        Mack and Mabel             Stage Door Theatre

Best Actress, Musical
  • Irene Adjan            Dr. Radio                Florida Stage
  • Mara Gabrielle         Mack and Mabel            Stage Door Theatre
  • Tari Kelly                Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Laura Oldham         The Drowsy Chaperone        Stage Door Theatre
  • E.J. Zimmerman      Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse

Best Supporting Actor, Musical       
  • Tom Beckett            Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Ken Clement            Oliver!                    Actors’ Playhouse
  • Nick Duckart            Dr. Radio                Florida Stage
  • Chris-Ian Sanchez        Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse
  • Shane R. Tanner        Oliver!                    Actors’ Playhouse

Best Supporting Actress, Musical
  • Eileen Faxas            The Drowsy Chaperone       Stage Door Theatre
  • Elizabeth Dimon              Oliver!                    Actors’ Playhouse
  • Lisa Manuli            Motherhood the Musical        GFour Productions
  • Amy Miller Brennan        Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse
  • Amy Miller Brennan        Oliver!                    Actors’ Playhouse

Best Musical Direction
  • Eric Alsford            Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse   
  • Helen Gregory            Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Phil Reno            La Cage Aux Folles            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Johnny Rodgers        Motherhood the Musical            GFour Productions
  • Alexander Rovang        Academy                Maltz Jupiter Theatre

Best Choreography

  • Chrissi Ardito            The Drowsy Chaperone       Stage Door Theatre
  • Chrissi Ardito            Mack and Mabel                  Stage Door Theatre
  • Chrissi Ardito                  Oliver!                         Actors’ Playhouse
  • Denis Jones                La Cage Aux Folles            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Marcia Milgrom Dodge    Anything Goes                Maltz Jupiter Theatre

DESIGN  (Plays and Musicals)

Best Scenic Design, Play or Musical

  • Michael Amico       American Buffalo     Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Lyle Baskin           50 Words                GableStage
  • Tim Connolly         Blasted                   GableStage
  • Douglas Grinn       Collected Stories     Mosaic Theatre
  • Sean McClelland     Miss Saigon            Actors’ Playhouse

Best Lighting, Play or Musical

  • Ron Burns           The Gin Game      Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Suzanne Jones     Cane                   Florida Stage
  • Jeff Quinn            Blasted                GableStage
  • Jeff Quinn            The Quarrel          GableStage
  • Patrick Tennent    Miss Saigon          Actors’ Playhouse
Best Costume Design, Play or Musical
  • Gail Baldoni        Anything Goes            Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Brian O’Keefe        Candida                  Palm Beach Dramaworks
  • Jose M. Rivera    La Cage Aux Folles      Maltz Jupiter Theatre
  • Ellis Tillman        Miss Saigon                Actors’ Playhouse
  • Ellis Tillman           Oliver!                    Actors’ Playhouse
Best Sound Design
  • Matt Corey              Blasted                GableStage
  • Matt Corey              Groundswell         Mosaic Theatre
  • Alexander Herrin      Miss Saigon          Actors’ Playhouse
  • Matt Kelly                Dr. Radio             Florida Stage
  • Matt Kelly                Cane                    Florida Stage


  1. Time for the Carbonells to shut down since they are simply a broken record of the same old people getting nominated and winning over and over again.

    Carbonell committee is a complete joke, mostly theatre hacks who couldn't tell Shakespeare from Spearmint. They just love the power of criticizing that which they can not do themselves.

    Nepotism, cronyism, favoritism trump any sense of objectivity and Big-budget theatres will always win by default.

    Folks, if anyone was really as good as their multiple Carbonells meant, they would have moved to regional or Broadway Theatre years ago.

  2. Hey ANONYMOUS. Sounds like somebody didn't get a callback. Do you leave your name off your resume as well? Sure, the same folks get nominated. Its not a huge pool of actors down here and once you do a good job it leads to more good jobs. Quit your whining and pay your damn dues like the rest of us. I busted my ass for years before I got any recognition. Just because your friends and family think you're talented doesn't mean Dave Arisco or Joe Adler is gonna not hire a dependable actor they've worked with before and take a big financial risk on 'YOU'. And don't go insulting the Carbonell voters. What did they ever do to you? (That's not a rhetorical question, I really want to know what they did to you.) Here's a link to their bios. (IT GIVES THEIR NAMES AND EVERYTHING!)


    And I'm not moving to New York because I live in South Florida. And work in South Florida. And it is regional theatre. Are you really under the impression that you have to work in New York to be any good? (Again, not a rhetorical question.)

    So good luck with the career. Hopefully this shitty attitude won't drive you to excessive drug use before you get a chance to show us all how brightly you can shine, pop tart.

    And if you'd like to have a serious talk over a cuppa joe about what you can do to make a living as an actor in South Florida, look me up. I'm on Facebook.

    -Ken (Carbonell Award Winning Actor) Clement

  3. have another cup of coffee, Ken! Brilliant!


  4. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Clement, I make my living repairing old sound and lighting equipment, so I'm not qualified to audition, and trust me, with my memory and tortoise-pace everyone is better off.

    I am only an paying audience member, who actually thought I was reading last years nominations.

    Gin Game and No Exit get next to nothing while Dying City and Gable stage gets everything? Obviously, one can't argue taste, but these theatres have been shut out very often recently while their brethren continue to rack up awards like Republicans buy guns.

    Again, I have no stake in the matter, no money invested, my friends are crappy golfers not actors.

    However, I love theatre and don't like it when from an outside observer it
    seems these annual awards are grossly lopsided and just a re-shuffle of the same old deck of cards.

    Unless you like hearing about golf you would find me a boring coffee companion, so I will pass.

    However, I will continue to enjoy your work as I always have (Seafarer and Glengarry.) I would have seen the Odd Couple, but at my age I can be forgiven for missing a few of the chestnuts.

  5. Anonymous, you have a short memory. I remember when smaller companies like MadCat and Naked Stage simply would not have even been eligible for the Carbonells.

    Indeed, the number of theatres that are now a part of the process have more than doubled in the last two decades, while the number of qualified judges has fallen.

    And your claim that only "big-budget" productions is contrary to the facts; time and again, smaller companies will steal a prize from the larger ones. I remember well the year that Mad Cat took Best Lighting Design for a show with 12 instruments, leaving a double-nominated Actors' Playhouse looking dumbfounded.

    A lot of work has been done, and will continue to be done, to ensure that more theatres and more productions get good representation.

    But the bottom line is that South Florida is one of the most expansive theatre districts in the country, spanning 90 miles of the Florida coast, so getting every single judge to see every single production so that the all can actually be judged properly is a Herculean task - and one that has yet to be accomplished.

    That said, the awards still have merit - not as a measure of which is the "best" of anything, but to give us another opportunity to discuss the various productions and performances in the media. It's an excuse to print another story about a show.

    There will always be excellent shows, performances, and designs that either miss being nominated, or fail to win, and there will always be those that seemingly (or actually) don't deserve any recognition at all. But the truth is that a lot of effort has been expended to ensure the most balanced recognition possible.

    Still don't like it? Sign up and become a part of the process. I'm sure they'd love the help.

  6. I've been reading these comments between all these Anonymous people (I assume they are the same person.)

    As someone who has only recently started to attend the Carbonells, I have to say it does appear as if there are only 20 actors and 2 or 3 directors in South Florida.

    One director is nominated twice after having won both years I have attended. One actress is nominated twice. I saw all these shows and many others and I assure everyone reading this, there were plenty of well-deserving directors and actors the committee could have at least nominated (as previously mentioned Gin Game and No Exit were both superb due to terrific casts and directors.)

    And if I had the time to see these shows, then the committee had the time.

    Neither I nor many of my theatre friends will be attending the ceremonies this year. For the record I am not associated with any theatre, I just loved going to the show with my friends especially at such a great price.

    But, it is too heartbreaking to watch all these smaller theatres look on in envy as the wealth is kept within the same small circle.
    (There is already enough of that.)

    And I understand the small theatre pain at the show: The winners are foregone conclusions robbing the show of any dramatic tension. How ironic for awards celebrating dramatic tension.

    Grants, critical to everyone's success are helped and hindered by Carbonells, grant committees will deny it, but it is true...and if that is the case, the committee has no choice but to be absolutely 100% fair to everyone and if they can't, then either change the eligibility requirements, change the coverage area...or shut down.

    So while the original poster clearly has issues to spare, it's hard to argue his or her original point: by so blatantly focusing on the same few theatres the Carbonells have no meaning except to the same 20 actors and 2 directors...and some county officials who don't see the shows.

  7. And are you seriously expecting anything in this world to be "%100 fair?" Really? Have you even graduated High School yet? Nothing in this world has ever been "%100 fair."

    In grown-up land, not everyone gets nominated, and not everyone wins the prize. Petulant children whine about "unfair" and run in tears. And the harsh reality is that this only means that they are quitters who are unfit to compete. Real pros suck it up, and dive back in.

    In the words of Robert Anson Heinlein: "Of course the game is rigged; but don't let that stop you - you can't win if you don't play."

    BTW: your examples SUCK; No Exit received a Best Supporting Actress nomination, and Palm Beach Dramaworks has several nominations, just not for Gin Game.

    The only forgone conclusion at any awards ceremony is that Les Miz will win - and it always does. Everything else is up for grabs.

  8. Hey Anonymous. Sorry if I came off Snarky. And I love golf.

    -Ken Clement

  9. C.L.J., a direct quote from you:

    "...smaller companies will steal a prize from the larger ones....Mad Cat took Best Lighting Design for a show with 12 instruments, leaving a double-nominated Actors' Playhouse looking dumbfounded."

    How unfortunate you characterize Mad Cat as "stealing" an award from A.P. Your implication is that that award was A.P.'s god given right and how dare a company that doesn't spend thousands on a light board win it.

    It's further troubling that you equate the size of a light board (meaning the budget) with what should and shouldn't win.

    Also, how sad that you follow-up with a quote about it being rigged.

    Of course "life is not fair"...that expression derived from a long history of committees just like the Carbonells.

  10. Anonymous, Mad Cat's production of Portrait won on its merits; I was as impressed with the lighting and direction as anyone.

    I should have put "steal" in quotes. My point still negates your assertion that only "the big theatres" get the prizes.

    And you should grow up and get a life. Unless someone wishes to add something actually meaningful to the discussion, this will be the last comment for now. All this petulant whining is distracting.

  11. Its about the work... not the award. A carbonell award never bought my groceries, never paid my rent, never covered my power bill and never put gas in my car. The small paychecks for the work ive done onstage has. I'd love to play more golf...but i cant afford it...at least until the sweltering heat of summer when the rates lower.

    -South Florida Actor

    CLJ I urge you to post this