Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mondays are (not so) Dark

We're still trying to catch up with February, so the Monday reading list is out on Tuesday.  I guess Monday wasn't as dark as it used to be.  Here is a brief - but intense - reading list to get you by until next week.

Theatre for All Seasons
City Theatre, known for its "Summer Shorts" 1 act play festival is branching out, according to the South Florida Theater Review.

A New Bloom
The Drama Queen introduces a new theatre company, White Rose Miami.

Not the Obvious Choice
Grey Gardens, the Tony-Award-Winning musical that was the toast of The Big Apple, is making its South Florida debut.  And who is staging this exciting musical, you might well ask - is it Actors' Playhouse, the region's leading producer of musicals?  Is it The Stage Door, the non-union leader in musical production?  The Maltz Jupiter Theatre, which has been bringing in lavish co-productions of musicals?  Good guesses all, but no, none of them are meeting this challenge.  BroadwayWorld reports that Rising Action Theatre is taking it on. Well, their production of Sister George extended its run, according to SFGN.

What is "Professional," Anyway?
Drama, Daily explores the meaning of the word "professional," and how it fits the wide range of theatre companies - and actors.  My old acting teacher, David Gideon, had a very simple definition: you are a professional actor when most of your income comes from acting.  If you make more as a waiter, then you're a waiter who acts. "Now quit whining and get back to working at it."  Not that I necessarily agree with that.  I don't even know if he believes it; but it certainly cut down the chatter.

Increasing the Odds
Meanwhile, the Minnesota Playlist has an article by a young actor addressing the income as an actor issue head on.
Like many actors, it is a fantasy of mine to support myself by performing in plays full-time. In my fantasy life, a well-received performance leads to a steady stream of offers from more and more monied houses until I never need to audition again. As anyone even tangentially involved in the arts knows, however, even the most talented performers struggle inwardly and outwardly with the fickle reality of the entertainment industry.
Earning its Title
BroadwayWorld.com reports that RESPECT: A Musical Journey of Women, is returning to South Florida.
The show ran for over a year at the Cuillo Centre for the Arts in West Palm Beach and for six months at the Stage Door 26th Street Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, before ‘going on the road' and playing in multiple cities across the United States - including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Green Bay and Minneapolis.
It's playing at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, this time around.

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