Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mondays are Dark

Finally, it's almost like we're back on schedule.  Almost.  Here's your Monday reading list:

The Word from Texas
The increasingly pathetic Sun Sentinel can't even manage to pen their own story about West Side Story coming to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts; they filched it from The Houston Chronicle.

We Hope She Gets It
Miami Artizine interviews Donna McKechnie, who recently performed her biographical show My Musical Comedy Life at The Playground Theatre.  An excerpt:
Does the performer still have dreams? “I want to live in Florida,” she said.
1st Stage truly the First Stage at Florida Stage
Palm Beach ArtsPaper not only reviews plays featured in Florida Stage's fifth 1st Stage New Works Festival, but also lists some of the theatre's productions that came up from prior festivals.

What's for Dinner?
The Shiny Sheet takes a quick look at Dinner with Friends, the next production from Palm Beach Dramaworks.

Twits about Twitter
The Guardian's Theatre Blog wonders why theatres haven't really taken over Twitter as a creative medium
...given an opportunity to do something creative in an entirely new medium, the theatres, some of the most creative organisations in the world, instead see a plain tool with a plain function. Meanwhile an online poker website steals the march.
In it for The Long Haul
Miami Artizine sits down with David Sirois, local actor/director/playwright.  Sirois wrote Brothers Beckett, the next production at The Alliance Theatre Lab, where he performed in productions of Orphans and The House of Yes.

On Business Models
The Denver Post mulls over the closing of The Nonesuch Theater; or at least, reports on the musings of Nonesuch owner Nick Turner.
"Why do we as a society place more value on nonprofit theater than for-profit theater?" he asked. We certainly subsidize nonprofits with tax-deductible gifts, to the exclusion of commercial ventures."
The article fails to clearly define the key difference between for-profit and not-for-profit theatre: what is done with dividends. But it's still worth a read.

... the Coconut Grove Playhouse is still closed, according to Miami Today News.  But it is still on a track to be transferred to GableStage at some point.
Before ownership can shift, however, the playhouse must resolve its debt. Mr. Burgess plans to sell the "bicycle shop" slice of the Main Highway property, now mortgaged for $600,000, to pay off $350,000 the theater owes developer Henry Pino's Strategic Properties Group. The playhouse board would name an independent manager to handle other debts.
Meanwhile, the City is fining the County for code violations in the current decrepit structure, which benefits no one.  The Grove needs a functioning theater; just ask the locals.  The City needs to stop farting around and starting serving the needs of the community.

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