Monday, June 6, 2011

Mondays are Dark

It's that time again: time for your Monday reading list. But first, we should point out that this Monday isn't actually completely dark: Zoetic Stage is presenting a play reading at GableStage at 7pm.  And it's not by Michael McKeever.  Stuart Meltzer wrote tonight's offering, Better Than Damn Good.

It Goes to Eleven
Mosaic Theatre announces its next season. Mostly.

Stick Some Star Power In Them Shorts
City Theatre has signed on Jai Rodrguez to join the ensemble of Summer Shorts, and to perform his late-night cabaret, Dirty Little Secrets. The show will be replacing the adult-themed Under Shorts programming.  The Miami Herald talks with Rodriguez, and City Theatre producing artistic director Stephanie Norman.

Speaking of Stars
The Shiny Sheet reports that Steven Caras, late of Palm Beach DramaWorks, is the subject of a documentary playing on WXEL Channel 42 this Tuesday.  The show chronicles his work as a ballet dancer and dance photographer.

Girl Women Power.
Drama, Daily continues its series of interviews featuring directors interviewing other directors.  This time, women are featured.

When Bigger's Not Better
Smarts And Culture riffs on the inadequacies of certain combinations of words.

She's not in Kansas Anymore
Minnesota Playlist publishes an open letter to the Governor of Kansas, from an artist who doesn't live there anymore.
In the last 13 years I can safely tell you that no one--not one single person--has ever asked why I left Kansas. Because my career is in the arts. The assumption is that, because I wanted to make a career and a living in the arts, I had to leave Kansas.
It’s not impossible to make a living in the arts in Kansas – I have many friends who are making a go of it—but the opportunities are scarce. And you’ve just made those opportunities even scarcer by eliminating support for the Kansas Arts Commission.
There’s a financial consequence: In the last 13 years, I’ve paid approximately $22,000 in state income taxes and $15,000 in state sales tax. I bought a car, a house, had a wedding – all in Minnesota. That money could have gone to the Sunflower State instead of the Gopher State.
Repeat after me: arts jobs are jobs, too.

Despite cuts in funding, The Miami Herald reports that Miami, at least, is exploding with culture.  And they're not talking about yogurt.
In 2007, a study sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Council found that almost 13 million people attended cultural events in Miami-Dade, with a billion-dollar economic impact. While there are no more recent comparable reports, evidence suggests that arts attendance has soared since.
The Next Generation
We get a teen's take on the Palm Beach DramaWorks production  of The Beauty Queen of Leenane, courtesy of Groundlings.

A Tipple Tiff
The Playgoer stirs up heated debate about the new trend to allow patrons to bring their drinks into the house.

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