Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One More Example of How To Do It Right

Florida Stage has closed its doors, but information is still coming through its blog, 1st Stage.  The final (?) entry; Closing FAQs.
Why has Florida Stage closed?
It started with the recession of 2008. The number of long-time subscribers began to dwindle...
But the best part is the last:
With the closing of Florida Stage, why should I support other arts organizations?
Click through to read their response.

If I had not worked at Florida Stage, it is unlikely that I would have created the South Florida Theatre Scene.  It's exactly the kind of outreach they are still exhibiting that drives this blog; the sense that a little more can be done to make the point.  And I learned that, or imbibed it or whatever, at Florida Stage.

Florida Stage is gone, now.  Its death should shock and awe all of us.  And it should launch us into action; save the theatres that are still around us.  Save them all.

It doesn't take millions of dollars, although if you have them, it's nice to share.  And if you do have them, well, now's the time.  But you can still help save your local theater.

All you have to do is buy a ticket to each show.  Better still, gather your friends, and each of you buy one.  Even the discounted tickets add up.

So go. See a show.

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