Monday, September 12, 2011

Mondays are Dark

How To Do It
Ken Davenport is producing GODSPELL on Broadway, and he's a blogger.  So he combined both things, and created the Godspell Blog.  Right now, he's counting down the days until the show is in front of an audience.  It's an informative peak into the process of getting a Broadway show up on its feet.

Not Quite Reading, but....
uVu BLOG has some video from Mosaic Theatre's upcoming production of Side Effects.

Caldwell 2 - Too Soon?
Florida Theater On Stage reports that Caldwell Theatre Company has had to cancel the first show in its Caldwell2 series at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center.  But just for now; they will be opening later in the season.

Heard It Through The Grapevine

The Coconut Grove Grapevine calls for some Grove landlord to offer space to soon-to-be-homeless New Theatre.

Plays for Gays do Great

The Sun Sentinel reports that gay theatre is thriving in South Florida.
Local professional theaters know the audience is there, and have been increasingly targeting productions that resonate with gays and lesbians. Census Bureau numbers released in August confirmed that same-sex households in South Florida soared over the past 10 years.
While Rising Action Theatre is probably the first name that sprang to mind, followed by Women's Theatre Project, and possibly Empire Stage, you're probably thinking, "But these are all tiny little companies."  But then there's this:
The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is attempting to capture the audience by introducing a Pride Series featuring gay-themed musical and comedy performances scheduled from October through June.

"Look at it this way: Who else is doing a Pride Series?" asked Kelley Shanley, president and CEO of the Broward Center. "Not a lot of other markets are doing this. I think that speaks to the strength of the gay and lesbian market in South Florida."
While the Broward Center has always been fairly mainstream, the other "gay"companies insist that they're not "just" gay theaters, they are companies that do a variety of plays that include gay themed plays.  "Serving their audience" is a phrase that turns up in each case.  And indeed, all the companies have done a number of non-gay productions.  But it's their willingness to tackle gay plays that have gotten them noticed.

Speaking of Gay Theatre Companies

Rising Action Theatre, known for finding every excuse for full frontal male nudity in a play, is growing up.  Florida Theater On Stage tells about how Rising Action Theatre is rising to new heights of production, starting with this week's opening of As Bees In Honey Drown, directed by Avi Hoffman, and starring Equity actress Amy McKenna.

And don't worry, they'll still find opportunities for full frontal male nudity - as appropriate.

As Long as We're On The Subject...
South Florida Gay News tells us about An Evening with Mr. Johnson, being presented by Anagram Entertainment at Empire Stage.  Apparently, there are not one, but two versions, and we have an opportunity to see both.

Info You Can Use

Butts In The Seats has some great insight in how to get more bang out of your Facebook and Twitter postings.

Up On The Shelf
Florida Theater On Stage introduces its newest recurring feature with a review of a book about August Wilson, and his plays in Pittsburgh.

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