Monday, September 26, 2011

Mondays are Dark

One of "Those People" Speaks
My very dear friend, Nancy Barnett, shares the story of the end of a dream over on HowlRound.
While still trying to get my head around what had happened, I said “I may be delusional, but…” intending to reiterate my request for the time to look into other options, to mount a campaign, to seek advice from others in our industry, and gather information. My partner reached over and patted my arm. “You are delusional,” he said.  “It’s over.”
The Once and The Future...
The Drama Queen reports that Arnold Mittelman, the man who drove the Coconut Grove Playhouse into the massive debt that killed it  once ran the Coconut Grove Playhouse when it went tits-up is back.  Advice to the New Jewish Theater; no knocks on his artistic abilities, but put someone else in charge of the purse strings. 
Joe Adler, slated to be the next Artistic Director for The Grove if when it's revived, has once again opened GableStage to host a benefit for Ground Up and Rising.  Monday and Tuesday the wandering troupe will present Jails, Hospitals, & Hip Hop, the proceeds of which will benefit the company and hopefully help fund a show later this season.
We're also told that Mosaic Theatre will be presenting a play reading of A Bouquet for Raven Poe Tuesday at 7pm, free admission.

Speaking of Mosaic...
...Broadway World has more details about Mosaic Theatre's play reading.

Notable Selections
Florida Theater On Stage notes that two of the plays listed in The Best Plays of 2010-2011 will be produced in South Florida this season.

Speaking of Praise...
...Alliance Theatre Lab is speaking of praise.  Specifically, its production of 'night, Mother has received nothing but great reviews.

Speaking of Speaking of Praise...
We've all done it.  You go to a show with friends, and find a glaring flaw in it.  Your friends, on the other hand, rave about it.  "That was fabulous!  So clever!"  And then they turn to you and utter those dreaded words: "What did YOU think about it?"
Well, Butts In Seats has figured out how to criticize the performance without criticizing those who enjoyed it.  And I suppose it's better than blithely stating "Well, I think they worked very hard on it" and quickly suggesting we out for drinks.

New Blog on the Block
One of the South Florida's newest theatre companies now has the region's newest theatre blog:  The Z-Spot.  It's the mouthpiece for Zoetic Stage, and after the first "Hello" post, they announce their Board of Advisors.

Speaking of Boards...
... Butts in Seats has good information for groups with board members who just can't get to all the meetings.

Green Room Chat
Florida Theater On Stage does its Q&A with Dan Kelly.

First Peek at HAIRSPRAY
Curious to see David Arisco as Edna Turnblad?  Here you go.

Theatre Festival Returns
Florida Theater On Stage reminds us that The 6th Annual South Florida Theater Festival starts in October.  It kicks off with The 24 hour Theatre Project, produced by Naked Stage and The Promethean Theatre at the Caldwell Theatre.  The complete festival agenda can be found at

Miami Tougher Than Russia
Anyone who has ever done business in Russia can tell you this; it is considered the most obstinate, impenetrable, and thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy on the planet, at least since the Mandarins stopped running China.  So when Rob Feldman, who spent years producing television and film in Russia, quits as the City of Miami's Film Industry Liaison after only two months on the job, it should tell you something; the city really earns that "Banana Republic" moniker. Read about it on Miami Today News.

A Trio of Tours
Broadwayworld tells us about the National Tours making their way through South Florida in the next month:  RAIN, A Tribute To The Beatles (Broward Center), The Addams Family (Arsht Center), and the umpteenth return of Mamma Mia (Kravis Center).  To summarize, RAIN is the Beatles in the concert they never did, Addams Family is a show that relies on the performers to make it into anything, and Mamma Mia is, well, still Mamma Mia.

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