Sunday, April 1, 2012

No More Sun-Sentinel Articles

Effective immediately, the South Florida Theater Scene will no longer be including the Sun-Sentinel on our reading lists or in our review round-ups.

The Sun-Sentinel's publisher and CEO has decided to start charging to access their content, and frankly, we refuse to pay a dime for the sad excuse for theatre reviews being doled out by a fashion editor. 

If we're going to pay for news,  we're going to pay for compelling stories written by great journalists.  We're not going to settle for someone writing outside their area of expertise, especially when they're not very good at it.  And the Sun-Sentinel has not been worth the effort since Bill Hirschman was let go.

Most of the Sun-Sentinel's content is generated by The Miami Herald and The Palm Beach Post anyways.  The Herald is the only major daily that still has an actual theatre critic, and she manages to cover shows all the way up to Jupiter, while the Sun-Sentinel can barely cover shows only blocks from their offices.

So don't expect to see us linking to any of their content, and don't send us emails asking us to include them.  Howard Greenberg apparently doesn't want readers, and far be it from us to send any his way. 

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