Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Broward Center A Chorus Line (2 Reviews)

  Revival of <em>A Chorus Line.</em> The National Tour of A Chorus Line opened at the Broward Center on Tuesday, February 17, and will play through March 1.

John LaRiviere reviewed the show for Talkin' Broadway: his writing style is exceedingly dry, but he covers the basics:
The choreographic style of Michael Bennett remains intact in this production, as restaged by original cast member Baayork Lee.

The ensemble singing as a whole is good, though a little light on the tenor notes, and Anthony Wayne as Richie seems to have a hard time blending vocally with the ensemble. This actually applies to his dancing as well. On the night attended, in the scene where Zach is yelling at Cassie "Don't pop the hip," Mr. Wayne was two dancers away from her in the line inexplicably pulling focus by over-extending his hips forward and popping his hip.
John also as some specific notes on the production's Cassie:
Robyn Hurder as Cassie dances the part well and is quite good in the confrontation scene when Zach pulls her out of line. Make no mistake, this is a difficult role that is normally played by the strongest female dancer in the cast. But Cassie needs to be a good actress too.
I gotta say, I'm not all that impressed with LaRiviere as a reviewer: I feel like I'm reading someone's homework assignments. Maybe he'll improve over time.

Christine Dolen
reviewed it for the Miami Herald:
Even if you aren't familiar with the Pulitzer Prize-winning show's track record, watching A Chorus Line will remind you of the dramatic power a great musical can have. The longest-running American musical stuck around Broadway for all those years for a simple reason: It's great.
Sure, it's a great show; but Christine enjoyed this production in particular. She singles out a "singular sensation" for specific praise:
The woman apart is, as always, Cassie (Robyn Hurder)...Hers is the most famous dance number in this enduring show, and though the standards set by the original cast members are difficult (maybe impossible) to top, Hurder earns her time in the spotlight.
On a related note, Steve Rothaus of the Herald spoke with ACL composer Marvin Hamlisch.
''I was at the pinnacle and I got a call from (director Michael Bennett) to go back to New York,'' Hamlisch said. "None of us had any idea if it would be a hit or a miss.''
The National Tour of A Chorus Line plays at the Broward Center through March 1.

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