Monday, February 16, 2009

A Lesson from Joe Queenan.

Via ArtsJournal;
John Queenan of The Guardian has a suggestion to theatre-lovers about how to keep our theatres from going under; buy a ticket.

The God's honest truth is that I don't even like the theatre that much. I'd rather hear music. But when you can see plays of this quality featuring actors of this pedigree, you'd have to be a fool or a skinflint to pass up the opportunity. I am neither. What I am is a fiscal patriot. I see my countrymen clasping their wallets shut and hunkering down, waiting for the four horsemen of the apocalypse to canter in. And I see cowardice where there should be courage, timidity where there should be brass. It is simply not the American way to slam on the brakes, to turn down a screaming bargain, to keep one's cash in one's pockets.

And he's right, it's really that simple. I know some of us figure that we can see several movies for the cost of one theatre ticket; but that movie's coming out on DVD, and the play is only here for a few days.

Here's an idea: look at the theatres who have Carbonell nominations, then check The Scene to see what they've got playing now, and GO SEE IT. The more nominations, the more likely you are to find an excellent production, but honestly, any of them will have something worth seeing.

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