Monday, February 16, 2009

Carbonell Award Nominations Announced - UPDATED

Yes, the nominations for the 33rd Annual Carbonell Awards have been announced. You can check them out on the brand-spanking-new Carbonell Awards Website. They break them down by show, by company, and by category.

Hap Erstein already was first out in the Palm Beach ArtsPaper ;
While most of the country puzzles over the upcoming Academy Awards, the local theater community is busy analyzing the nominations for the Carbonell Awards...

... let the grousing begin anew!
Christine Dolen of the Miami Herald was a close second, first as a straight news story;
Some of the riskiest South Florida theater experiences of 2008 brought recognition to the companies that provided them as nominations for the 33rd annual Carbonell Awards were announced Monday.
And then with a blog entry:
So the nominations for the 33rd annual Carbonell Awards have gone public, and though Monday is dark and a holiday, I can vividly picture the joy and rage flowing through South Florida's theater world.
The Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel, typically, missed this easy local-interest story; although the slackers at the Sentinel re-printed Christine Dolen's article. Screw that, read it in the Herald. I won't even link to the Sentinel's retread.

Jan Sjostrom at the Palm Beach Daily News got the story out; kinda sad that the Shiny Sheet can scoop the Post, but they did and there you have it.
Palm Beach Dramaworks leads the pack as the most-nominated theater with 15 nominations for the 33rd annual Carbonell Awards.
Theatre Row has the story, too:
Let the kevetching looks like the carbonell folks heard the screams of the South Florida community and answard back with a yelp of their own. For better or for worse here they are are, your 2009 Carbonell nomenies.
Um, guys? The correct spellings are; 'kvetching,' Carbonell,' answered,' and 'nominees.' (really, I did think about letting it pass without comment, but, c'mon, this is dire.)

**********update: they have corrected their spelling.************

Mary Damiano has her article up on Miami ArtZine.

Even Playbill Online got the word out, with a story by Kenneth Jones. Nothing worth quoting, but it's there, as was Brian Scott Lipton's story in Theatre Mania.

The nominated theatres are burning up the internet with Facebook and MySpace messages, but that's what it's for. 2008 saw a great deal of truly first-rate theatre in South Florida, and every single nomination was truly earned.

It should be noted that this year's awards were never in doubt; it was next year's awards that were at issue a few months ago. The ceremony has been scheduled to take place at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on April 6th, 2009, since last year.


  1. You are way good. (Not to mention fast). We fixed that as soon as we got home. Blogging from your iphone, is not recommended. Thanks for the correction.

  2. BTW - You misspelled Carbonell in your title. It is spelled Carbonell not Carbonnel.

    No need to thank us :)