Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Theatre Scene; New Features, New Formats may have noticed I've been doing some tweaking at the Theatre Scene. 

As I mentioned last week, I've broken the reviews out of this weekly round-up of what's playing so that each show has its own article containing links to all the news stories and reviews about that production. Clicking on the name of the publisher of the review takes you to the original review.  I hope that you'll take advantage of this new feature to add your own thoughts to those of the reviewers, as well as to correct - or berate - me as needed.

Theatre Scene's weekly round up of plays, The Scene, will now be published every Thursday at 2:00pm, since reviews will be placed separately; I will link shows to their reviews; clicking on the show's title will take you to its own page, where you will find the recap of the reviews.  These will be created, and updated, as the reviews appear.  When I update them, I will always move them back to the top of the article queue.

The sidebar has been tweaked, too.  I've compacted the Archives.  While it was nice to see all of this month's articles, it made for a lot of scrolling to get down to the RSS feeds and Theatre bookmarks.  It now drops down a list of months, and selecting one brings up all the posts made that month.  You can also use the search window all the way at the upper left of the page to search for specific shows, reviewers, or whatever.

Quick Links filters the Theatre Scene; selecting "reviews" will show you only the articles containing links to reviews, sorted by most recent first. Selecting The Scene will show you the most recent editions of The Scene.  And so on.  If you think of something else that should be in Quick Links, let me know.

Since I brought them up., I've cleaned up the RSS feeds.  Theatre Row is back, and I've added 5 Minutes to Curtain. 5 Minutes seems to specialize in reviews, and describes itself as being "back," which means it must have been up "before."  They do have an annoying video going, so kill your speakers if you're at work.

I've put the national RSS feeds below the list of theatres; let me know if that works for you.  Or let me know if I should lose them entirely.

As always, comments are welcome.

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