Monday, February 1, 2010

Mondays are Dark

It was Israel Horovitz Week
Did you miss it?  To celebrate the opening of his latest play at Florida Stage, stories appeared in The Palm Beach Post, the Shiny Sheet, and even the Miami Herald had a blurb.  Predictably, lacking a full time theatre critic, the Sun Sentinel missed the story completely.

The Other Monthly Visit
But that's not to say the Sun Sentinel hasn't had any theatre stories; Bill Hirschman wrote his monthly theatre story, a grudging nod from management that there is a theatre scene in the area.  Highlights include a blurb about the new Slow Burn Theatre Company, which is opening its premiere production of BatBay the Musical on February 18 (without their musical director, who is making a big stink about her pay), a peek into Empire Stage, another newcomer to the area.  He also reports that Janet Dacal is returning to the Broadway production of In The Heights  - as the female lead, Nina.  Congratulations, Janet!

Who's On Stage?
TheatreMania has casting announcements for Mosaic Theatre and Maltz Jupiter Theatre.  Mosaic has a list of familiar names, but the only name I know from the Maltz is director J. Barry Lewis.

Speaking of the Maltz...
...TC Palm reports that Academy, which premiered at the Maltz in 2008 and wound up being invited to the prestigious NY Musical Theatre Festival (where it won), is now headed overseas.
“You can’t imagine how gratifying it is for us to take “Academy” from Jupiter to New York to Korea,” said Andrew Kato, who conceived and developed the show and is artistic director at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.
Maybe this will begin to balance all those Kias that have been shipped here over the years...

That's for REHEARSAL
The Guardian reports that the cast of a play in Germany decided to capture the drunkenness of the bender their play was portraying by actually drinking booze.  With predictable results.

Word of Mouth 2.0
The Producers' Perspective weighs in on bloggers who post reviews of plays still in preview.  Part of the problem with preview reviews is discussed at The Playgoer.  Not that it's much of a big deal in South Florida, where there are typically only thee preview performances.

It Sucks to be a Playwright.
Lee Blessing may be the only person in history to get into playwrighting "for the money" (his previous field was poetry).  The Minnesota Playlist talks about the lousy economic prospects for playwrights, while Parabasis digs into how it came to be.

Coincidence?  Probably Not!
The Drama Queen reports that playwright Marco Ramirez is moving to LA to write for the TV series Sons of Anarchy.  TV pays.

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