Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays are Dark

Jeez, it's almost March. Wasn't it just New Year's? Here's your ArtZine-Free Monday reading list.

McKeever, Meltzer, & Melt
Mary Damiano of South Florida Gay News interviews director Stuart Meltzer and playwright Michael McKeever. They discuss their collaboration in life, and in theatre. Christine Dolen writes about the show (but not the creators' relationship) in The Drama Queen. Melt is also the Herald's Stage Pick.

Hap's Stream of Consciousness
In his Palm Beach Post theatre round-up, you start off reading about American Buffalo, and without warning - hold the fish! Whaaaat? (Actually, I think the editors simply forgot to format the article). Hap recaps American Buffalo at DramaWorks, Old Man and the Sea at Caldwell, and shouts out to Marion J. Caffey for his success with Street Corner Symphony.

Fish Story
...Channel 2's uVu Blog has come photos of the Caldwell production of Old Man and the Sea, while talks with director Clive Cholerton.

A New Sales Model
The Artful Manager discusses a concept he describes as "Netflix, only for live theater." The Executive Director of the company who came up with the plan says it's "Like a gym membership." The gist: instead of "five shows for the price of three," pay $25 a month and "see anything any time." talks with Carl Scandiuzzi about the new approach taken by his company, ACT.

It's Finally Landed
Barbara Stein and David Arisco have been kicking around the idea of producing Miss Saigon for years. The Miami Theatre Examiner talks with them about it, but never asks them about the helicopter. We'll just have to wait and see; fortunately, not much longer.

Back to Classics
After a string of mixed reviews for world premiere plays, reports that New Theatre has assembled an all star cast to do Peter Shaffer's Equus. Director Ricky J. Martinez did an amazing job with The Glass Menagerie last season, so expectations are high for Equus.

Theater 4 Sale, Gr8t Fixr Upper
The Palm Beach Daily News reports that the Cuillo Center for the Arts is up for sale. Originally built as the New Florida Theater in 1949, the building has been home to The Stage Company, Florida Repertory Company, and the Burt Reynolds Institute for Theatre Training, which gutted the space for an extensive make-over 11 years ago.

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