Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fort Myers Paper Exposes Waldman and Troutman

The Fort Myers News-Press did some digging into Waldman and Troutman. Gary is still saying he's being unfairly treated, and denies everything.
"We would love to get that money," said Greg Kaylor, manager of the Boca Bridge, where Waldman and Troutman's Garjam Productions staged shows in 2006. "We've spent substantial dollars trying to get it collected."

If he owed so much money, Waldman argued, how could he continue to stage shows?

"Nobody has touched my assets," he said. "If somebody is attempting to do it, they're doing a poor job. Everybody knows where I am. My cell phone number has not changed in 10 years."
Interesting argument; victims have court records that prove he owes money, but because his personal property hasn't been seized, he maintains that he's debt-free.

He actually does admit to violating his SSD&C contract with Andy Rogow, telling the News-Press that he wasn't happy with Andy's work. Of course, that doesn't give Waldman the right to violate a legally signed contract; there are mechanisms within the contract for dealing with problems; not adhering to the terms of the contract isn't a legitimate business practice.

The last quote is the most telling:
But Waldman wonders why people and other businesses are checking into his business and past.

“This kind of stuff happens every time I announce I'm going to do something, " he said. "I'm aiming to open an honest business and pay my bills. "
Why are people looking into his past business dealings when he opens new business? Because that's how good business is done. The best way to determine if someone is going to pay their bills in the future is to determine that they've paid them in the past.

An honest businessman honors the contracts he has signed; not only did Waldman break the SSD&C contract, but those evictions are also the results of broken contracts. The lawsuits are filed in the wake of broken contracts.

The article includes a PDF file of the court documents, comments from some of the plaintiffs in the lawsuits, and other persons of interest.

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